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Jenee Brewer


Jenee grew up in Eagan, MN, just outside Minneapolis/St Paul. She has 5 daughters, one granddaughter, and one grandson. She completed her Associates of Applied Science Degree in Nursing at Parkland College in Champaign, IL. Presently, she is in her last semester at University of Texas at Arlington to complete her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She does what she does because she believes no adolescent should have to go through what she went through. For those that are heading toward it, or going through it, Jenee says, “I don’t want them to just hear me say ‘been there, done that.’ Words mean nothing without action. Therefore, to truly help an adolescent one must be willing to walk through all the muck and gunk with them. I did not have those people in my life till I was out of my adolescent years.” She enjoys restoring furniture, painting, and photography. She feels most at peace and relaxed in nature.

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