Drug Rehab Fort Worth

Helping teens & their families overcome addiction together.

Individuals in the grip of addiction often don’t see a way out. They only see one path, one way forward, and it doesn’t end well. What they need is a fork in the road, a clear alternative to the path they’re currently on.

Christ-Centered Addiction Recovery

We believe in the potential of teenagers and the power of Christ to change the trajectory of their lives. Teen drug rehab is more than a job to us; it’s a calling.

Drug Rehab Fort Worth

Drug Rehab Fort Worth

Clearfork Academy offers the best drug rehab in Fort Worth, Texas, for young adults, and teenagers struggling with drug addiction. We offer both residential, as well as outpatient treatment options to best suit your education, lifestyle and work needs.

What is the purpose of rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation services help people suffering from addiction to drugs/alcohol to return to a normal or near-normal lifestyle. A rehab program is custom-designed to fit the needs of each individual and to help them with faster recovery.

The main purpose of rehabilitation is to help an addicted individual with a full physical and psychological recovery, helping him/her learn life management skills, set a clear goal for the future and build resilience. Rehab also aims to rebuild social skills and attachment to family, friends, and community.

Types of rehabilitation

Some of the activities in a rehab treatment program include Detox therapy, physiotherapy, speech and language therapy, cognitive therapy, self-help group sessions, etc. In addition, we also provide personal counseling, diet recommendations, medications, and mental health rehabilitation services.

There are many types of rehabilitation programs to help drug abusers regain their health and adopt a drug-free lifestyle. The first step in the treatment is detoxification, a medically-managed procedure used to clear your body of drugs. It helps with the management of the withdrawal symptoms and prevents short-term relapse.

What does a rehab therapist do?

At our facility for drug rehab in Fort Worth, all of our rehabilitation therapists hold a master's degree in Psychology, physical therapy, and occupational therapy. A drug rehab therapist works with individuals that have a history of drug abuse one on one or in group sessions.

Therapists educate the patients about their issue with substance abuse and help them understand how this is negatively influencing their life, and to alter existing addictive behaviors. Our therapists maintain confidentiality and carefully track all of the patients' progress. Our rehab specialists also implement strategies to help the patient develop a support system to avoid relapse.

Steps to prevent drug addiction

The best way to prevent addiction is to prevent it from becoming an issue. This is possible if you abstain from them from the beginning. Some of the ways to stay away from drugs are:

  1. Inability to manage everyday pressures of life is one of the primary reasons that lead people to drugs. Equip your mind to take things easy. If you can't change something, let it go. Don't let it destroy you!
  2. Experimenting with drugs to act cool in front of friends is the root cause of most teenage drug addiction cases in America. Don't put your entire life in risk trying to gain popularity among a few kids in school.
  3. Your family can give you all the support, love and encouragement if you make an honest attempt to open up to them. Find your happiness in a casual dinner table conversation with your parents or during that family trip to the beach or make a friend for life that you can trust and rely on.

Clearfork Academy is a leading drug rehab in Fort Worth for teenagers. Contact us today, and begin this life-changing journey as soon as possible!

Drug Rehab Fort Worth
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"My son is now 45 days in and thanks to the hands on attention and treatment philosophy of the counselors at Clearfork, he has a future and the sky is the limit for him. I feel Clear Fork has saved my sons life! If you have a son struggling, I strongly suggest Clearfork."

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