Rehab For Teenagers

Rehab For Teenagers

We have all seen the devastating consequences substance abuse has on the victims' personal lives, their physical health, and their loved ones. It’s bad enough for adults, so, you can imagine the tremendous harm it can do to teenagers. At Clearfork Academy, we offer rehab for teenagers dealing with substance abuse.

What is substance abuse?

The most common types of substance abuse people deal with are alcohol and drug abuse. Drug or alcohol abuse sometimes referred to as Substance Abuse Disorder (SUD), occurs when a person’s use of the drug or alcohol spirals out of control to the point that it disrupts or takes over their daily lives and damages their health. The severity of the addiction varies from mild (the person can continue their daily routine to some extent) to severe (a person’s body cannot function without the drug or alcohol) and will determine the type of treatment they get.

There are many causes of substance abuse, and the majority of them are psychological. This can range from dealing with stress, anxiety, grief to peer pressure, which is very common among teens. At our center, we help teens find the underlying causes of their substance abuse and help them deal with them.

Why substance abuse is so dangerous for teens

Substance abuse has a host of negative consequences on a person’s physical and mental health. The problem with substance abuse is that it is a chronic condition, meaning that once addicted, it is extremely difficult or impossible to eliminate. So, some rehab centers can only help patients with severe addiction issues to deal with their chronic condition.

This is why rehab for teenagers can make a huge difference. Usually, the condition gets far worse if the patient has fallen victim to addiction in adolescence. Substance abuse causes chemical changes in the brain, which will have a far worse impact on the brains of teenagers whose brains are still developing. If we can treat the problem of addiction, when they’re still young, there’s a much higher chance of successfully treating SUD without relapsing in the future.

What can I expect at a rehab center?

You can choose from many different types of rehab treatment programs, and rehab centers approach substance abuse in various ways. At our rehab center, we like to incorporate a theological aspect to treatment and help our teens find their way back in life by turning to God.

In most rehab centers, treatment programs consist of a combination of intense therapy and medication programs. A lot of rehab centers expect patients to have completed detox fully (detox refers to eliminating the drug or alcohol from the body), but some do incorporate detoxing into their programs too. So, you need to inquire about this when you contact the rehab center.

Are you looking for a center that offers a holistic approach to rehab for teenagers? At Clearfork Academy, we have a number of options to individualize treatment for your teen, with different types of therapy. Most importantly, we help them find their way in life again through God, confidence, and mental strength.

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