Alcohol Rehab For Teens

Alcohol Rehab For Teens

Alcohol abuse affects teenagers more severely than adults, causing often irreversible physical and mental damages over time. If you believe your teenager struggles with alcohol addiction, it may be time to consider our alcohol rehab for teens as a solution. Clearfork Academy offers drug and alcohol rehabilitation for teenagers for immediate relief from addiction and long-term sobriety. To achieve the best recovery results, we rely on four core programs:

1. Residential program

The residential program becomes available after the detox phase, and it relies on 24/7 supervision throughout the treatment. This form of treatment keeps patients in a secure, comfortable, and relaxing setting, where they participate in therapies and recreational activities for sustainable recovery. It is a safe form of treatment and the most effective available since you will have a team of professionals supervising the rehab process around the clock.

Our residential rehab for teens in Fort Worth promotes sobriety via medication, therapy, counseling, and addiction and relapse prevention education. It is the most expensive, vital, and reliable form of treatment for sustained sobriety years after treatment completion.

2. Sober Living Program

The Sober Living Program follows the residential program and helps patients become more responsible, confident, and self-reliable. During the program, teens will participate in therapies, house chores, wellness activities, career counseling, etc. between six and 12 months after rehab. The program cultivates accountability and self-sufficiency and helps teenagers put their life in order. With our help, they will become more positive, active, and healthy, preparing them for social reintegration by the end of the program.

3. Intensive Outpatient Program

IOP represents a core component of our Fort Worth adolescents rehabilitation treatment. It relies on three days a week of treatment, each session lasting three hours between five and eight PM. Just like the residential program, IOP offers Christ-centered therapy and education, counseling, and life guidance for a complete recovery experience. During the program, teenagers will discover the power of faith, love, acceptance, and honesty as core principles of a wholesome state of mind and spirit.

4. Alumni and Aftercare

The Alumni program only requires the patients’ presence during Saturdays for experience sharing and mutual support. Teenagers who have completed the Fort Worth teens and adolescents residential treatment have the opportunity to join the Alumni program and find additional help via peer support. Every Saturday, our patients meet at our facility for discussion and counseling, sharing their experiences, and finding mutual support and guidance.

The best rehab services

Our addiction treatment for teens follows the strictest quality and safety guidelines in the business. We offer comfort, patient-oriented detox, psychotherapies, experiential therapy, counseling, and educational programs to all teenagers dealing with substance abuse and addiction.

If you’re interested in our programs and want to sign your teenager in reliable and safe rehab treatment, contact Clearfork Academy today! You can call 866-650-5212, chat with a rehab counselor, and find out more about our alcohol rehab for teens. Choose wisely, call our team, and give your teenager a new chance to a sober, healthy, and fulfilling life.

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