Fort Worth Rehab

Fort Worth Rehab

Clearfork Academy is one of the top-notch Fort Worth rehab facilities to offer premier care for teenagers and young adults struggling with drug addiction. We are a team of certified therapists, nurses, and physicians that work relentlessly for the betterment of teenage kids with addiction.

How does drug rehabilitation work?

The first time to a rehab center can be intimidating, but understanding how it works can help you overcome anxiety and nervousness. A rehab facility will provide inpatient detox programs as the first step of treatment to help your body deal with withdrawal symptoms. This takes approximately 5-7 days, although the duration may vary, depending on the severity of your addiction, as well as your recovery rate.

Each rehab facility is different in treatments they offer and the amenities that they provide; fundamentally, you get what you pay for. During your rehab, you will receive counseling with a trained addiction counselor, participate in group therapy sessions, and follow medication plans to help you cope with withdrawal symptoms.

The benefits of inpatient rehab

Inpatient rehab is a residential treatment offered by rehab centers where patients can stay for a recommended period of time based on the severity of the addiction. The average period of stay is 30 days, but in-patient treatment can also go on longer if necessary. 

During your stay at our Forth Worth rehab, we work on treating the addiction and the associated mental health disorders along with measures to ensure no relapse. In-patient rehab includes family programs, where the patient’s family members participate in counseling and other activities. This allows the patient to heal broken relationships and rebuild trust.

We discuss with the patient about their psychological insecurities and train them on preparing themselves to deal with stress and anxiety to ensure that there is no relapse. Inpatient rehabs also provide shared rooms for patients to make new friends, carefully planned nourishing meals and recreational activities like a pool, Ping-Pong, football, gym, etc.

How do you help someone with an addiction?

Addiction often impacts the patients' family and friends, leading to dysfunctional relationships and poor dynamics with loved ones. If you are trying to support an addicted family member or friend, then firstly educate yourself. Understand the addict’s condition and the substance they are abusing and how it can affect your loved one's health.

After a thorough understanding of the condition, get support from a physician or a rehab counselor to convince your loved one to get them the help they need. Get counseling for yourself to be able to keep your head straight. The more you understand about the condition and make your peace with it, the better you can help your loved one.

You can find help at the local church that may be willing to provide free counseling. Our Fort Worth rehab facility is the first in town to offer Christ-centered rehabilitation to teenagers. Find help at Clearfork Academy for affordable and quick recovery.

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