Fort Worth Teen Iop

Fort Worth Teen Iop

Clearfork Academy is a top-rated rehab with the best Fort Worth teen IOP programs. As one of the best Fort worth adolescents rehabilitation centers, we run a fully licensed high school to prepare teenagers academically for a successful life after addiction treatment.

Difference between our teen inpatient program and IOP services

It can be challenging for you to decide on the right type of rehab treatment for your teenager. Here are some of the differences between our inpatient and IOP programs to help you arrive at a decision:

  • Our inpatient treatment lasts 13 weeks, allowing us to create customized Christ-centered clinical interventions exclusively for 13 – 17-year old adolescent boys. Our IOP services are available online and in-person, where we engage teenagers in up to 10 hours of rehab treatment per week.

  • We run a fully-licensed high school, where we prepare teenagers for a happy, healthy, and prosperous life after rehab. All our residential rehab patients get to partake in our high school academic program, which may not be available to IOP patients.

  • Our Fort Worth teens and adolescent residential treatment reduces the chances of relapse significantly as patients get to stay in a trigger-free environment for up to 13 weeks and engage in evidence-based therapies.

Both our IOP and inpatient treatment focuses on helping patients attain sustainable sobriety in the shortest period. The best way to decide on a treatment option would be to speak to one of our addiction treatment specialists and find out which works best for you.

Signs of addiction in teenagers

As a parent, when you notice certain odd behaviors and withdrawal symptoms in your teenager, you should act fast because their well-being is on the line. You must be proactive and speak to them about your concerns if you spot the following symptoms:

  • Bad grades at school
  • Bloodshot eyes, poor hygiene, and smell of smoke in his/her breath or clothes
  • Loss of interest in daily activities, unusual tiredness, and secretive behavior

If you believe that your teenager may be battling with an addiction condition, it is essential to get them into a leading drug and alcohol rehabilitation for teenagers. Failing to identify and treat addiction fast can put them at greater risk for developing worse substance abuse patterns in their adulthood.

What makes us the best rehab for teens in Fort Worth?

We are a leading rehab in Fort Worth, specializing in addiction treatment for teens. Here are some of the qualities that make us the best rehab facility:

  • We offer the best medical detox, residential treatment, sober living programs, and intensive outpatient treatment in a ranch-style environment.

  • All our programs are customized around teenagers' needs and schedules to help them garner the best treatment outcome.

  • We offer client-centered interventions for teenagers, strengthening their moral resolve, and providing them with a spiritual framework helping with cravings and temptation in the long term.

Get in touch with Clearfork Academy at 866-650-5212 to learn about our Fort Worth teen IOP programs. We are the #1 addiction facility in Fort Worth with comfortable accommodation, gourmet meals, evidence-based therapies, and customized medical detox programs.

Fort Worth Teen Iop
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Fort Worth Teen Iop
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