Rehab For Teens Fort Worth

Rehab For Teens Fort Worth

Alcohol and drug abuse are major epidemics plaguing our society today. They destroy the personal lives, finances, and physical health of those suffering from them. Substance abuse is bad enough for adults but has far worse repercussions for teenagers. At Clearfork Academy, we provide rehab for teens in Fort Worth, Texas.

The causes of substance addiction

Substance abuse, or medically known as Substance Use Disorders (SUDs) occurs when a person cannot function without the substance in question. Prolonged use of the substance (mostly alcohol or drugs) has altered their brain chemistry and made their bodies chemically dependent. As a result, people suffer withdrawal symptoms if they stop using that substance.

How does our body become so addicted to drugs or alcohol? When we consume alcohol or drugs for an extended period of time, our brain releases a chemical called dopamine, which causes feelings of pleasure. Over time, the dosage of alcohol or drug needed to produce the same amount of pleasure will continue to increase until the consumption spirals out of control.

Excessive alcohol and drug consumption can lead to brain and liver damage (sometimes irreversible in severe cases). As teenagers, our brains are still growing, and this makes the chemical changes far more dangerous.

What are the different types of treatment programs?

Almost every treatment program will include a mix of medication and therapy (both individual therapy such as CBT and group therapy). The different types of treatment programs include residential rehab, inpatient programs, and outpatient programs. As a facility that offers rehab for teens in Fort Worth, we provide both inpatient and outpatient programs to suit your needs.

With inpatient programs, teens will stay overnight at our rehab facilities where they receive round-the-clock medical and psychiatric care. This is best for those with severe addiction that are very vulnerable to triggers and relapsing. Removing them entirely from their familiar drug use environment will help them fully focus on recovering.

In our intensive outpatient programs, teens will come for treatment at our rehab center while living at home. This is ideal for teens with milder addiction cases or those that can cope successfully with their daily routine while being treated.

What types of therapy are offered in treatment programs?

At our center, we offer individual therapy, group counseling, and family therapy. Our dedicated, licensed therapists provide individualized attention and care for troubled teens. Individual therapy can consist of things like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to help identify psychological issues and triggers that led to substance abuse.

Group counseling helps our teens interact with others who are in a similar situation, giving them insight and perspective into their own issue. Substance abuse doesn’t just affect the teens, but they also significantly impact their families, which is why we offer family therapy as well.

Clearfork Academy offers rehab for teens in Fort Worth, Texas. We offer a range of treatment options with different types of therapy to customize treatment for each of our troubled teens.

Rehab For Teens Fort Worth
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Rehab For Teens Fort Worth
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