Residential Programs For Teenagers

Residential Programs For Teenagers

Fighting with a substance disorder may be even more complicated when the abuse occurs in teenage years. At Clearfork Academy, we have developed dedicated residential programs for teenagers struggling with an addiction.

What is a residential treatment for substance abuse?

A residential program refers to a rehab treatment when the addict lives in a facility for an extended amount of time. Such a facility will have psychologists, counselors, and support staff to help the patient overcome the harmful effects of substance withdrawal and pursue a swift recovery. Usually, the treatment is tailored to the patient’s specific condition and will include:

  • Dedicated counseling depending on the type of substance abused
  • Medication to help the patient cope with sometimes harsh withdrawal effects
  • Physical, emotional, and spiritual treatment to address the patient needs

When choosing a facility, it is essential to check if they have residential programs for teenagers, so that the patient enrolment and healing is faster.

Treating an addiction

A substance abuse disease is a complex brain disease of a patient showing an involuntary and compulsive behavior to seek and abuse a substance. There is no medical cure for addiction, but the treatment will take into consideration several factors like severity of the dependence and any medical, or mental conditions associated with it. Regardless of the therapy, there are several steps to take:

  • Detoxification – is usually the first step in any abuse disorder, when we are removing the drug or alcohol from the body. In the case of mild addiction, detox can be outpatient. For severe cases, we prefer the inpatient program, with a strict 24/7 medical supervision to help the addict cope with the physical symptoms of the withdrawal.
  • Rehabilitation – be it inpatient or outpatient program, the addict will learn the recovery ways from an addiction. Our trained professionals will help the patient to understand and to accept the fact that he or she has a problem that needs an urgent solution.
  • Psychotherapy – is part of the rehab treatment and will be done individually or in a support group. During the individual sessions, the addict will discuss with a counselor the ways to avoid drugs and will develop a “can do” attitude to cope with the stress. Group sessions, mediated by a facilitator, are equally important because the patients will support each other in the recovery process.
  • Family therapy – when necessary in our residential programs for teenagers, we will also involve the family along with the patient. The focus, in this case, will be on the family interactions to ensure a healthy environment that will support our efforts for fast rehabilitation.

Can addiction be cured?

It is possible to cure addiction, but it is not an easy process. It will require the full commitment of the addict and the support of the family and friends.

Our programs, at Clearfork Academy, are designed to address the individual needs of our patients, but our success depends mainly on you. We aim to create healthy habits and a healthy environment to avoid the return of our patients to the old harmful patterns.

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Residential Programs For Teenagers
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