Residential Treatment For Teens

Residential Treatment For Teens

The adverse reactions of substance abuse are worse in the case of younger addicts. Our residential treatment for teens at Clearfork Academy is tailored to address your child needs for faster and safer rehabilitation.

What is the difference between inpatient and residential treatment?

From the patient’s perspective, the significant difference is the length of time spent in the facility and the amenities of the lodging. An inpatient program provides temporary accommodation and usually will not exceed three months. The facility will have a hospital-like look, and the program will offer a 24/7 strict care for the patients who may not be safe on their own. The therapy is intended to stabilize acute symptoms and develop a long-term rehabilitation path.

For residential treatment, there is no time limitation, the program being open-ended and offering a home look for the accommodation of the residents. Our patients will undergo a similar detox step, but the rehabilitation part will take as long as the resident will feel that is needed to return to the society safely.

Types of residential treatment programs

The residential treatment for teens is a live-in program that includes a variety of services like withdrawal management, individual and group therapy, or social activities. In our facility, we created a drug-free environment allowing our residents to focus on the healing process. The program will typically include three significant steps:

  • Withdrawal management – is intended to remove the substance from the body in a safer way. Our underlying mission is to make sure that our residents will go through the detox process as comfortable as possible, without suffering any physical or mental damage.
  • Residential intensive treatment – during this step, we will do brief, but very intensive interventions focused on stabilization of the patient. The procedure is highly structured and can include medication, therapy, as well as participation in the various support groups. Our resident will learn essential recovery skills that will support them when leaving the residential center.
  • Residential transitional program – depending on the individual needs, we will help our residents to make a swift transition from our facility to the community.

How long do you stay in residential treatment?

A simple answer to that will be as long as it will be needed until you will learn how to stay clean and sober. Two individuals are not the same, and the substance abused may differ, too. The response to the therapy is also different, so it will be difficult to determine from the beginning the length of stay. There are, however, several factors that may influence the length of stay:

  • If you were in residential treatment for teens before
  • Kind of substance you used and for how long
  • If you suffer from any chronic pain or if you have some unsolved traumas

Our aim, at Clearfork Academy, is to ensure that after leaving our facility, our residents will not relapse. For this reason, we recommend a strict follow-up to the knowledge gained while with us, to ensure a lifetime of sobriety.

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Residential Treatment For Teens
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