Teen Drug Detox

Teen Drug Detox

Clearfork Academy is a leading rehab for teens in Fort Worth with excellent teen drug detox programs. Here are the top five signs that warn of the need for drug detox for your teenager:

1. Ignoring commitments and responsibilities 

If your teenager avoids family dinners, gatherings, and events or gives excuses for not fulfilling their daily responsibilities at home or school, have a discussion together! You teenager may be spending more time in isolation or with friends to do drugs, which may prevent them from fulfilling their everyday commitments. Professional drug detox may be crucial in this situation.

2. Problems at school and bad grades

If you find a sudden decline in your adolescent son/daughter's performance at school or find their grades dwindling, it can be a cause for concern. The same goes if your teenager gets into trouble with peers at school or with teachers for no good reason. Drug detox can help your teenager overcome their drug or alcohol addiction by eliminating the toxins from their system and prepare their mind and body for sobriety in the long-term.

3. Poor hygiene and unexplained absences

A common thing that parents notice about their drug-using teenager is the smell of smoke in their breath or clothes. If you frequently find your teenager with bloodshot eyes, poor hygiene, or unusually tired, you need to get them into the best drug and alcohol rehabilitation for teenagers fast. Also, if your teenager skips the usual things that you do together as a family, such as movie nights, or Sunday church, you need to talk to them about drug detox and substance abuse treatment.

4. Appearing to have new friends

Teenagers often succumb to peer pressure and end up using drugs, first occasionally, then regularly. If your adolescent son hangs out with new friends, you must learn more about his social life. As one of the top Fort worth adolescents rehabilitation centers, we offer highly effective drug detox tailored to cater to teenagers' unique addiction needs and recovery goals.

5. Sudden mood swings and change in behavior

Another common sign in teenagers that worries most parents is sudden mood swings and significant behavior changes. If your teenager is happy all of a sudden, or you find them agitated, restless, repulsive, or hateful for no reason, you may need to start exploring addiction treatment for teens. While some parents shrug it off as pangs of adolescence, we recommend that you monitor your teenager's behavior closely to find out the actual cause of their mood swings. If you have enough reasons to believe that they may be struggling with a drug abuse problem, you must talk to them about drug detox and rehab treatment to help them break free from the chains of addiction.

For more details on our teen drug detox program, call Clearfork Academy at 866-650-5212. We offer comprehensive Fort Worth teens and adolescent residential treatment in a state-of-the-art facility and help adolescent boys embrace sobriety with Christ-centered clinical interventions.

Teen Drug Detox
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Teen Drug Detox
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