Teen Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Teen Intensive Outpatient Treatment

When you fall sick, and you need to see a doctor, you don't have to be placed on hospital admission to receive the perfect treatment required. The doctor will usually listen to your complaints, clinically examine you, carry out some light medical procedures, prescribe drugs, and advise you. Then you're free to go home afterward. On the other hand, there are some occasions when a case may be so severe that hospital admission is the best.

Examples are emergency cases like accidents, acute organ failure, drug overdose, etc. The patient will be placed in a ward to administer around-the-clock treatment routine and regimen, as doctors and nurses closely monitor their recovery and get them back into recovery so that they resume their normal lives. The first option is what they call outpatient treatment. The latter is outpatient treatment.

Teen Intensive Outpatient Treatment for Rehab

Regarding drug and alcohol rehabilitation for teenagers, several factors will determine the ideal or suitable treatment plan. Addiction treatment for teens isn't the same as the one for adults. Generally, adults are under more substantial pressure to resume their job, being there for their families (if they're married), and have a stronger emotional strength to facilitate their recovery process.

Outpatient Treatment versus other Treatment Plans

Other factors may make outpatient addiction treatment for teens more attractive than intensive outpatient plans or even residential treatment. The prospect of going to an intensive outpatient program or a residential treatment plan can be intimidating or terrifying to mostly restless teenagers. They may view it more as punishing confinement.

But an intensive outpatient program may be more suitable for the school-going teen. Its flexibility allows the teens to stay at home while weaning off drug addiction and recovering from ugly withdrawal syndrome. Their education and friendship don't have to cease temporarily. Outpatient treatment is less intense and is ideal for cases of mild addiction.

Are you looking for an outpatient program rehab for teens in Fort Worth? At Clearfork Academy, we offer a wide range of treatment plans for Fort Worth adolescents' rehabilitation. Our services vary in intensity, depending on your condition. So whether you're considering an outpatient program, intensive outpatient program, or Fort Worth teens and adolescent residential treatment, we're here for you. Our outpatient treatment program differs from the intensive outpatient program in other ways, enumerated below.

Who is IOP For?

Intensive Outpatient Plan is suitable for both male and female teens ages 13-18 who may need treatment that fits around their academic, family, or extracurricular commitments or aren't ready for full-time residential treatment. Its flexibility is almost similar to that of a standard outpatient treatment plan, but the former's approach encourages a quicker recovery and has fewer chances of relapse. It also varies in intensity, structure, and support system and services.

  • Treatment Schedule

Treatment hours for intensive outpatient treatment take place according to this schedule:

  • Monday; 5 PM to 8 PM;
  • Wednesday; 5 PM to 8 PM; &
  • Thursday; 5 PM to 8 PM.

The Standard Outpatient schedules a meeting only once or at most twice a week.

  • Medical Supervision

In the standard outpatient treatment, there's little or no medical supervision. Thus, this may not be suitable for teenagers who lack the discipline to independently follow through on their recovery process. There are group therapy sessions or one-on-one counseling with a professional therapist in the center. In an IOP, the supervision is stronger.

  • Stage and Support System

Our intensive outpatient treatment is ideal for teens who are struggling, particularly in the early stages of addiction, and need the best support to avoid longer-term addiction. While standard outpatient treatments may address early-stage addiction, it may not incorporate a support system and specialized features that help correct behavioral dysfunction while also tackling the addiction's scientific side. Aside from group counseling and personal counseling sessions available under standard outpatient treatment, an IOP incorporates other features such as:

  • Medication;
  • Drug screening and testing;
  • Case management; and
  • 12-step meetings.

Whether you decide to go for the standard outpatient treatment or IOP, we're here for you to secure the future of your teenage children. We have a team of experts who are literate in behavioral disorders that are usually responsible for drug use in the first place. We combine the science of the rehab process with the art of shaping teenagers as agents of social change. Contact Clearfork Academy for the best professional treatment available: 866-650-5212.


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