Teen Outpatient Treatment

Teen Outpatient Treatment

As a parent, seeking addiction treatment for teens may be difficult. Your teenage child may be unwilling to open up about their condition even though it may be apparent that drug addiction is responsible for their odd behavioral change. They may suddenly lose interest in some activities they used to enjoy, such as their favorite hobbies or even their passionate activities.

They may soon lose interest in life, and other physical or mental health implications may arise, such as growth disturbance, depression, truancy, or violence. Even when you’re sure of the root cause of their addiction, you may not know the best plan of action to take.

Teen Outpatient Treatment

You may be familiar with the teen outpatient treatment used to administer drug and alcohol rehabilitation for teenagers without having to suspend their schooling and other life activities. Outpatient treatment is generally well-suited for mild cases of addiction. Other treatment programs such as the inpatient or residential program, intensive outpatient program, and partial hospitalization program also exist.

At Clearfork Academy, we offer all of these. We operate a leading rehab for teens in Fort Worth. Our Fort Worth Adolescent rehabilitation is a leading program in Texas. Below are some FAQs about what we offer. Continue reading to know if outpatient treatment is the best solution for your teenage child.

  • Where are you located?

Our Fort Worth teen and adolescent residential treatment center is a well-structured academy located at 7820 Hanger Cutoff Road, Fort Worth, Texas 76135.

  • Who will be treating my child?

Your child is in safe hands at Clearfork Academy. We have a team of a licensed MD, a professional therapist, and a licensed chemical dependency counselor.

  • When does my child qualify for the residential program?

The severity of a case determines whether your child should proceed to the inpatient or residential treatment plan. If your child is in the early stage of substance abuse or addiction, an outpatient facility ideally may offer sufficient treatment. Thus, they can go about their schooling and normal daily activities as they receive professional help. A short-term recovery process under OIP may not meet the demands of your child, where the addiction level is severe.

  • Does insurance cover my treatment?

This depends on your insurance. To verify the extent of coverage and the list of insurance providers we work with, click the How To Pay For It page. However, individual coverage varies even if we have partnered with your insurance company before.

  • Do you provide financial aid?

We don’t believe that finances should stop you from seeking treatment and healing for your loved ones. We are dedicated to helping families first. Our costs are attractive and affordable. Also, we have selected a partner to assist with treatment costs.

  • Since you’re a Christian-based organization, will I feel out of place?

We are unapologetic about our status and conviction as a Christ-centered program, but we don’t discriminate against any faith and background at Clearfork Academy. We sincerely hope that you’ll feel welcomed at our facility.

In the case of any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact Clearfork Academy for the best professional treatment available: 866-650-5212.


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