Teen Residential Treatment

Teen Residential Treatment

Clearfork Academy is a teen residential treatment center for adolescents involved in alcohol and drugs. This academy is growing with Christ as its center and working hard to impact Christ's knowledge into adolescents and help them break away every form of addiction.

We are blessed with a wide array of staff, and our team is fully equipped and knowledgeable to manage drug and alcohol rehabilitation for teenagers. We believe that the teenage years are the most impressionable age in the life of any individual. If adolescents can get addicted to drugs and alcohol, the best time to look for treatment options would be in their teenage years. This would create a lasting impression, and it is most likely that such teenagers never get addicted again.

We organize different therapy sessions ranging from individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, art and music, and adventure therapy. These therapy sessions are organized and scheduled to match each individuals' interests and particular situation. We understand that every teen addiction story and struggle is different, and we are committed to doing our best for each client regardless of their differences.

Our Facilities 

Each building construction comes with contemporary conveniences that a teenager would need. Our academy is located in North Fort Worth with a fantastic view, which is the best in the city.

Our property comprises three main buildings, which are all custom built within the past few years. Each home design gets accompanied with every modern convenience that a young man could need. The building also boasts the start of the set technology devices essential for learning, growth, and overcoming all addiction forms. The academy's exterior is just amazing as the interior as we have ample space useful for outdoor games and activities.

Our Treatment Options

Our academy's treatment programs are specially tailored to fit everyone's needs as we understand that their challenges and struggles are different and unique. The main treatment options we have are:

  • Individual medical detox
  • Residential treatment
  • Academic sober living and
  • Intensive outpatient treatment

All our addiction treatment process are strictly conducted and monitored by our expert medical therapists. 

Our Staff

No one can overemphasize the essence of teamwork in the sphere of alcohol and drug rehabilitation for teens, which is why we consider every member of our staff a great asset to our academy. Everyone working at Clearfork Academy is committed to offering the best services in Fort Worth adolescents rehabilitation. Our leadership consists of 13 members, including our founder Mr. Austin Davies. We have a team of five highly qualified therapists, recovery coaches, recovery team leads, and many other individuals essential to the services we provide.

Our Expertise

We are a Christ driven academy poised to educating young boys and stopping them from the ruins that alcohol and drug addiction can cause. Our academy is a Fort Worth teens and adolescent residential treatment center that not only concentrates on addiction. We also have therapists in our academy that can help and intervene in mental health and behavioral and psychological health cases. Just as much as we are proud of our Academy being Christ-driven, we believe that anyone can take up the opportunity that Clearfork Academy provides in Fort Worth without feeling uncomfortable in any way.

If you need rehab for teens in Fort Worth offering adolescent residential treatment for alcohol and drug addiction as well as mental health concerns, contact Clearfork Academy for the best professional treatment available: 866-650-5212.

Clearfork Academy
Teen Residential Treatment
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