Alina Cole

Alina is from Euless, Texas but currently resides in Springtown, Texas and she has 4 kids ages 17, 16, 8, and 3. She clinches close to the power of God to change the lives of people and this was demonstrated to her in her own life through restoration and recovery. She is optimistic and outgoing with a bubbly spirit that spreads the joy of God every chance she gets. Alina is not only the Administrative Assistant, but she has completely embraced her newest title, The Director of Fun. She knows that recovery and sobriety are hard, and they can be very emotionally heavy, so she does her best to lighten the mood for our clients and staff by coming up with fun and engaging things to do in order to help us maintain one of our core values, Fun. Alina loves what she does, and it shows by the smile and enthusiasm she brings into Clearfork Academy each day.

Angela May

A native of Fort Worth, Angela has three grown children and one grandson. As a student at UT Arlington, she thought her career path would be in Psychology, advising high school students on their post-graduation options. Life sent her in a different direction, landing her in HR, where she takes pride in placing the right people in the right positions.

Angela longed to complete her bachelor’s degree. Finally, in 2016 she enrolled at Texas Tech University and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Arts Degree, December 2018.

November 2020 Angela joined the team at Clearfork Academy, bringing with her twenty plus years of HR experience and over 4 years’ experience in healthcare recruiting.

Angela brags that working at a faith centered facility makes her feel like she is working with Christ every day and after a decade of insomnia she is sleeping like a baby.