Teen Drug Rehab

Teen Drug Rehab

The drug rehabilitation process is a complex and challenging one. If your teen shows signs of drug addiction, you need to consider our teen drug rehab program asap. At Clearfork Academy, we provide personalized treatments, dealing with all forms of addiction, no matter the severity. If you’re unsure of what you'll encounter in our facility, here are our main drug rehab services:

Customized clinical detox

Our drug and alcohol rehabilitation for teenagers incorporates medical detox as a core procedure in the recovery process. All our patients go through in-depth, thorough assessments prior to rehab, during which our clinicians extract valuable information about their medical status and addiction. They will use that information to set up a personalized medication plan for detox, recovery, and relapse management purposes.

The detox process will help them eliminate the substance from their system, regain their emotional and behavioral stability, and control their cravings more effectively.

Residential treatment

The residential rehab for teens in Fort Worth begins after detox, once the patients have recovered physically and psychologically. During the residential treatment, they will remain at our facility for a period of 13 weeks for supervision and medical assistance. The residential program is the ideal Fort Worth adolescents rehabilitation program, providing patients with a secure and comfortable recovery setting.

All our teenage patients will participate in group therapy sessions, individual counseling, experiential therapies, and support groups for fast and lasting recovery.

Sober Living Program

The Sober Living program functions as a transitionary phase between the residential treatment and lower levels of care. Patients going through the Sober Living program learn to do house chores, adapt to a clean, drug-free life, and become more responsible and confident. We strive to provide teens with a home-like environment where they can relax and focus on their long-term goals in peace.

Intensive Outpatient Program

The IOP no longer requires overnight stays at our center, unlike the Fort Worth teens and adolescents residential treatment. Instead, it requires the patients’ presence three times a week (three hours each time) for therapy, family support, life guidance, and personal development counseling. Teens will learn the value of honesty and responsibility as they interact with other teenagers and make long-term sobriety commitments.

Alumni and Aftercare

The Alumni program requires your teen’s presence every Saturday after completing the addiction treatment for teens. The purpose of Alumni is to strengthen the teen’s determination towards sobriety through community involvement and peer support. That’s when we bring our teen patients together to discuss their achievements and make plans for a brighter and more fulfilling future next to their families. Alumni is the ideal follow-up program after successful rehab treatment, allowing recovering addicts to regain control over their lives.

If you’re interested in a teen drug rehab program, contact Clearfork Academy at 866-650-5212, and let’s discuss the treatment options! Your teenager needs help, and we can provide it. Do the smart thing and bring your teen to our facility today for treatment, therapy, and counseling!

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