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Residential Treatment Program Fort Worth TX


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Residential treatment is at the core of what we do: helping teen boys recover from addiction and substance abuse in a safe, comfortable, and nonjudgmental space on a scenic Texas ranch.
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Residential Treatment Programs for Teens

Clearfork Academy offers rehab teen boys who are struggling with substance abuse and related mental health issues a chance to find freedom away from the confines of addiction. As a Christ-centered recovery community, we offer all of our residents a structured and therapeutic environment that will support and equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to overcome the challenges that they have been facing, to set them onto a different path.

The benefits of residential treatment

Residential treatment programs, or rehabs, are facilities that are run and supervised by trained staff that can aid in the healing of substance use disorders, mental health issues, and behavioral problems. They benefit residents because they promote long-term recovery by providing them with a structured environment with 24-hour monitoring, offering them the support they need while they get to the root cause of their behavior, and addressing any trauma that they may have.

If your teen hasn’t responded well to outpatient treatment, they may respond better to the inpatient treatment given at Clearfork Academy. This more intensive treatment service is individualized to each teen that comes to stay with us. Their treatment plan is created specifically for them by our professional team and is assessed frequently to ensure that it is working for them. 

Most residential stints at Clearfork Academy last for 13 weeks, and when a resident is ready to graduate, they will leave with an action plan that will help them to continue with their long-term recovery. Our Texas ranch is set in 80 acres of land and is a great place to experience freedom from addiction. We also have a challenge course and a 1/5 mile track that can be used to improve the teens physical health alongside their mental health.

Applying for a place

At Clearfork Academy we have a limited number of beds, so before we accept your teen boy onto the program we want to make sure that our therapeutic programs will be a good fit for them. We do this by getting you to fill out our contact questionnaire at the beginning of the process. Once this has been filled in, one of our clinicians will contact you for a follow up where they will gather more specific information about your teen’s current situation, your payment options, and when we think there will be space. If we conclude that we aren’t the right place for your teen, we will guarantee to find you the right place.

At Clearfork Academy we help to show residents what a life without drugs and alcohol can be like, helping them to see that there is a way out and that they do have the potential needed to go down an alternative path. Our programs are created to help teens reach long-term recovery. This is possible due to the individualized treatment plans created by our highly qualified staff and our Christ-centered approaches. 

If you are looking for teen residential treatment programs, look no further than Clearfork Academy. We are here to help so don’t be afraid to begin your contact with us today.
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“Because we loved you so much, we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well.”

1 Thessalonians 2:8

Fort Worth teen drug rehab

Residential Treatment Program For Teenagers

Substance abuse and addiction can strike anyone at any age. But it is particularly devastating to teenagers, who are already balancing academics, extracurricular pursuits, family, friends, and the natural challenges that come with adolescence. Teens may turn to addictive substances for many reasons, from managing stress to coping with trauma to fitting in socially. Left unchecked, however, substance abuse can quickly spiral into a lifelong challenge.

If your teen is struggling with addiction and the major behavioral challenges that it can cause, we believe there is a better, healthier, and safer road ahead of them. Both research and experience show that short-term addiction recovery simply is not effective. Nothing less than a significant investment in time and effort will result in lasting change and a positive outcome for your teen. At Clearfork Academy, we encourage our teens, ages 13-18, to dedicate themselves to long-term treatment where we offer Christ-centered guidance through their challenges.

Our core program is residential, inviting a select cohort of teen boys to join us on our scenic Texas ranch campus, where they experience full-time therapy, treatment, and activities led by trained professionals and supported by a philosophy that puts Christ at the center of recovery. Every teen who struggles with addiction, and every family member affected by it, deserves help and a chance to heal. At Clearfork Academy, that is our passion; providing Residential treatment for teens and their families and providing a New Legacy.

Individual Therapy

Our licensed therapists meet individually with our teens to help them understand the underlying causes of their addiction, as well as positive, life-affirming behaviors for lasting change.

Group Therapy

Group therapy provides the opportunity for teens to bond with fellow residents, understand that they are not alone in their addiction recovery journey, and receive support from their peers.

Family Therapy

Support from family is critical for any teen to recover from substance abuse and addiction, and we encourage families to participate in our recovery programs through ongoing visits.