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Leading Adolescents to a New Legacy

Clearfork Academy is an outdoor adventure program that serves adolescent boys and girls who are 13- 17 years old. We provide substance use treatment and help for teens experiencing anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns. We offer a faith based, therapeutic environment for youth struggling with the physical, mental, social, and spiritual bonds of chemical dependency and mental health. It is a structured and supportive environment to include individual, family, group therapies, and evidence-based programming.

Program Details

Medical Detox



24/7 Staff and
Nursing Support

Team of Medical



Program On-Site

Scenic Serene Locations with Outdoor Activities

Substance Abuse

Medical Detox

an essential for the healing process to begin.
Team of Full time Nurses
Team of medical doctors
Support for medication assisted treatment


13 weeks of tailored treatment

13-17 year old adolescents
Christ-Centered Clinical Interventions
Fully Licensed High School

Intensive Outpatient

online or in person
Mental Health and Substance Abuse
10 hours of group per week
Individual, Group, and family therapy

Over 1 month of treatment, Patients at Clearfork show a


Increase In
Reduction In
Reduction In
Craving (Visual Cue Reactivity)
Reduction In
Thanks guys for tonight’s alumni meeting!
I get so much out of the calls - especially just chatting with the other parents - hearing about meetings y’all have with our boys.
Excellent calls - thank you for your investment with our kids, the parents and your time
When we discovered our son was using substances, my friend who is a recovery specialist told us she sends all her adolescent male clients to Clearfork Academy. Once we made the decision to admit him there, they quickly and efficiently worked with our insurance company and started treatment. When our son graduated from the program, we didn’t even make it off of the campus before he was thanking us for sending him there. Highly recommend!
Dear Clearfork staff,
We want to thank you all for the compassion Clearfork Academy has shown our son and our family through the most challenging times as parents. The care our son received while in treatment at Clearfork Academy far exceeded our expectations. The most comforting part of this experience was the staff's compassion in finding the best treatment approach for our son. Clearfork Academy provided the therapy, values and structure our son needed to begin his recovery and jumpstart his spiritual journey. We consider all Clearfork Academy's staff as an extension of our family since they treated us like family throughout our son's therapy. Even though our son has graduated from Clearfork Academy, we still feel supported through the Alumni group. This is not a journey we expected for our teen, but we are forever thankful for Clearfork Academy!

My experiences with all the Clearfork Academy staff while my son was receiving treatment was always very positive and professional. It was true what the staff explained, that you will always be part of the Clearfork family after your son discharges from our care. Communication was always a priority with Clearfork Academy staff.

My husband and I are so grateful for Clearfork Academy. We believe God led us to this place. From the first phone call to even now in aftercare Clearfork has been supportive of our son and our family. The staff at Clearfork keep families informed and provide an exceptional environment for their young men. We were at peace the moment we stepped into the facility. Thank you Clearfork Academy for all you do to support young men in need of care and their families.
ClearFork has helped me in ways I couldn’t imagine. I used to look at my life and couldn’t think of what it would be like without drugs, always angry at something and never happy. ClearFork showed me a life without drugs and then taught me how to live that life. I learned many ways to cope with my angry and anxiety along with many mechanisms that have been burned in my mind on how stay sober, what to do, and not to do. I truly believe without ClearFork I wouldn’t be here today, I put my life in a destructive path and life style by using drugs and ClearFork truly helped me out of that and for that thank you to ClearFork and to all the amazing staff that helped me.
I’m 15 years old and I struggled with drugs and alcohol for about a year and a half. I constantly lied to and disrespected my parents. Eventually, my parents caught on after over a year and started drug testing me, so I quit. I stayed sober for only a couple of weeks until I started drinking my parents’ alcohol. I clearly had a problem that wouldn’t be easy to fix. Once my father found out I was drinking his alcohol, my parents decided it’s time to send me to someplace that can help me with my addiction. They sent me to Clearfork Academy and I was there for 60 days and successfully graduated the program. It was hard to get used to at first, but every single day they helped me become a better person and overcome my addiction. They also helped me repair my relationship with my parents. All of the staff went out of their way to help me with personal problems. Overall, it was a great experience and it is one of the best things that ever happened to me. Now I am totally ahead in my life thanks to Clearfork Academy and the helpful staff and structure.
After searching for a rehabilitation facility for our 17-year-old son, we knew Clearfork was the right choice on our first visit. We found the staff to be highly trained and skilled in the process necessary to help these teens heal. Clearfork Academy gave our son what we could not give him. As his parents, we provided him with parental love, support, consequences, discipline, guidance, a moral foundation, and an education. Not one of these was enough to help our son find his way out of addiction. We came to realize that we were not equipped to provide what our son truly needed in order to save his life. He needed assistance by those who are trained and those who have walked in his shoes before, making them specifically qualified to shine a light on the path to sobriety.
The Clearfork staff were compassionate yet committed to the steps needed to provide the specific discipline, order, and the necessary tools my son needed to move forward free of substance use. Of special value to us was Clearfork’s offerings for the family through counseling, seminars, and continued outpatient contact. Also, significant to our family is that Clearfork provides a Christ-centered recovery experience.

True recovery lies in the hands of the individual. Expecting an addict to recover without giving them the essential tools will lead to failure over and over again. Clearfork provided our son with a toolbox full of tools that he can carry with him for his entire life. It is still his choice whether to use them or not, but now we know that he is equipped and able to meet his addictions head on!

Clearfork not only aids in changing the lives of their clients, it also shows these young men the true VALUE of their lives. Our son entered Clearfork a different person than when he graduated. The counseling and support he received was invaluable to his life and to ours.

My son’s addictions have resulted in many tears, screams of pain, and feelings of emptiness for his father and me. Clearfork absorbed our doubt and sadness and, in return, gave us a gift-- the gift of our 17-year-old son alive, awake, and thriving. Although there may be bumps along the way, we no longer hold the same crippling fear for his future. We are secure in the knowledge that he is equipped and supported by the staff at Clearfork, who have a true passion for struggling teens and their families.​
As an alumni family, I am so grateful for the ongoing support that Clearfork offers through the Tuesday Night Family Group and the Facebook group. I'm always shocked at how Mike and Eddie seem to be mind-readers and plan the Tuesday night speakers and topics around EXACTLY what I need...without me even knowing that it is what I need!! As my son continues in his recovery, both groups have been an invaluable resource in terms of ongoing education, a platform for asking questions, and a safe, supportive place where I can share all of the emotions that come with this journey.

Founder & CEO of Clearfork Academy Rehab For Teens Fort Worth TX

Austin Davis LPC-S

Clearfork Academy exists out of an individual passion and calling on my life that began decades ago. The pursuit of my personal calling led me first to church ministry and now to professional ministry as a Licensed Professional Counselor. I believe God called me to create Clearfork Academy to cultivate life within addicted teens and their families by pointing them to Christ through biblical community and clinical therapy. The mission of Clearfork Academy’s Rehab For Teens Fort Worth is very simple…to lead adolescents to a new LEGACY. Here at Clearfork Academy these legacies are defined by H.U.S.T.L.E & Fun. We strategically implore Honor, Unity, Sacrifice, Transparency, Legacy, Excellence and Fun to all of our actions. We strive to honor God, ourselves, and others in all that we do. We seek common unity among clients and staff, so that all feel supported and encouraged. We Sacrifice by committing to going above and beyond in helping clients reach a place of mental, physical, social, and spiritual health. We will be transparent with ourselves and others knowing that every action we take is measured against our commitment to a lasting and positive legacy. We promise excellence by never taking shortcuts in our interactions, our programs, our treatment of each other, and strive to meet all these goals at our Rehab treatment Center For Teens. Lastly, our calling is one that we have a great passion for and without fun this is just a job…and no-one wants that! Clearfork Academy strategically engages with chemically dependent teens and their families, friends, and churches. We are founded on a principle that traditional short-term therapies do not produce real, authentic heart change. At Clearfork Academy rehab for teens, we believe in long term treatment that will allow our team of professional clinicians sufficient time to address issues such as distorted thinking, dysfunctional behavior, and most importantly, deeper issues of the heart. I'm proud to declare that Clearfork Academy provides the highest quality of professional rehab for teens possible while maintaining our Christ centered roots. I would like to thank you for sharing in our vision to see men’s lives changed and restored.
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Rehab for Teens Fort Worth, Texas

If you have landed on this page, then the chances are you have a teen who needs a helping hand to get their life back on track. Addiction can come from many places, and if your teen is struggling and you do not know where to turn, we can help. 

Clearfork Academy is a teenage rehabilitation center based in Fort Worth, Texas. We work with your teen to provide hope and a future free from substance abuse. 

Rehab for Teens in our Texas Rehabilitation Center

Our approach is centered around a Christian approach to teen rehab. We believe that Jesus is at the center of the answers, and it is only through Him that we can make changes for life. Through completing a program with us, we help your child to be a respected member of society and an integrated member of your family. 

We offer different treatment programs to suit teens, including boys’ rehab and girls rehab.

What are some of the signs that your teen may need rehab?

If your teen has changed and there has been a shift in mood or behavior, it could be a sign they are suffering from substance abuse. 

There could be physical symptoms that indicate that all is not well. These could include unusual smells or poor hygiene. Along with this, they may look physically different, such as having bloodshot eyes, a change in weight that is unexplained. Their sleep may be affected, and their appetite may also have changed. Their coordination may become unstable, along with their speech being affected. 

Behaviorally, your teen may also have changed. Their interests may have altered, and it could be that they no longer show interest in something they once loved. It could be that they are acting out of character, and this could include truanted from school, getting into trouble and a drop in their grades. They may have started to hang around with a different group of friends, and you may have noticed that valuable items around the house now seem to go missing. 

Substance abuse also presents itself through your team’s mental health. You may notice that their personality seems to have changed; they may now get agitated easily, lack motivation, and appear anxious or withdrawn.

While these symptoms can be hard to witness, it is good to know that there is help available through our rehab facilities in Texas. With both residential and outpatient programs, we provide a light at the end of the tunnel.

We have drug & alcohol rehab treatments to suit your teen

Our rehab for teens gives you the opportunity to get your child the help they need. Firstly, we use different therapy programs to achieve the best outcomes for your child and family. Our rehab program is not just about the teen, but we also include the whole family so that everyone can go on this healing journey. 

We offer a detox program as part of our teen drug treatment. It is all done through our trained clinicians, so you can be sure that your teen is in the best hands. Our detox program works on an individual basis. Through completing the detox program, your child adjusts to the Clearfork Academy approach, and they are ready to begin their treatment. 

There is a residential treatment program for teen rehabilitation. This focuses on boys who have struggled with addiction, and it allows them to work with trained staff and their peers to find a better way to address their problems. 

Our program includes individual therapy where they learn more about themselves, including what might have caused their addiction. With better self-awareness, they are in a position to make positive life changes that remain even when they have left our teen rehab center. 

As well as individual therapy, a key part of treatment is group therapy. Group therapy is an important part of their recovery because they learn that they are not alone. Others face similar problems, and by working with their peers, they can get the support they need. 

We also invite families to visit their child while they are in Texas at our rehab facility in Fort Worth. It is an important step, and it demonstrates to the teen the support network they have. 

Your teen’s therapy is undertaken by master’s level licensed therapists to give them the best chance at recovery. 

For teens who need ongoing support for their addiction or those who are in the early stages of addiction, and you want to stop it before it takes hold, we offer intensive outpatient therapy. This is open to both boys and girls, as well as their families. 

With our outpatient therapy, they follow the same principles, but it works on a more flexible basis. This means it can be done around other commitments, which may include school or extracurricular activities. It is also a fantastic starting point for anyone who is not ready for full-time residential therapy. 

Our location and beautiful campus provide your child with the ideal place to start their recovery. Our peaceful and scenic surroundings offer them the chance to recharge, and it takes them away from the stressful situations they may be experiencing. 

Find out more about our rehab for teens today

If you are looking for a rehabilitation center for youth, get in touch with us at Clearfork Academy today. We are here to help, and we want to see your child break through the barriers of addiction and have the best chance at life. 

To get in touch, fill out our online contact form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you would rather talk to us, you can call us on 18443878780, and we will be happy to talk with you about the different options. 

We accept most insurances, and if you need to discuss the financial aspects, we can give you further guidance. 

With our powerful Christ-centered approach, we are different to other rehab for minors programs, and it could make all the difference to your child. 

If we can help in any way, please do not hesitate to get in contact today.
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