Adolescent Males



Adolescent Males Program​

Clearfork Academy Fort Worth

Clearfork Academy's Boys Program is located on a beautiful ranch estate in Fort Worth, TX.

These are especially challenging times for young people. Here at Clearfork it is our mission to offer teens an alternative to the difficult path of addiction and substance abuse.

We offer 13 weeks of therapeutic programmed treatment. Call us now to learn how we can help you get your child back to living the life that you intended. You are not alone.


Detox treatment is essential
for the healing process to begin.


Residential treatment is at
the core of what we do.


Intensive outpatient treatment is a perfect fit
for teens who may be struggling.

7 Faith Based Core Values


Honor God, others,
and self in everything


Unity says we were made
for human connection


Sacrifice our best for God,
others and ourselves


Transparency allows us to be
open with ourselves and others


Legacy means to make a better
impact with every action


Excellence in everything -
we do not take shortcuts


Fun is important to
have every day

At Clearfork, we offer our teens a full spectrum of care beginning with detox,
then residential, and intensive outpatient treatment.

  • EMDR, TFCBT, DBT, TBRI, Narrative, and Music & Art Therapy
  • Individual therapy weekly with masters level licensed therapists
  • Group therapy for that human connection
  • Weekly family therapy, education, and support groups
  • Three day family intensive workshops
  • Life Skills curriculum
  • UT Charter School on Campus
  • Alumni support and events
  • Outdoor recreation and adventure therapy which includes…
    • Equine therapy
    • High and Low Ropes
    • Yoga
    • Fitness obstacle course
    • Paddle boats
    • Wilderness Exploration

Find the solution with a way forward.

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