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Residential Treatment Program for Teen Boys in Texas

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Specialized Programming For Adolescent Males

Substance abuse and mental health issues can affect anyone at any age. When young adults turn to drugs, it can be for several reasons, from coping with trauma to managing stress. What may seem like self-medication can quickly spiral into misuse and, ultimately, addiction. At Clearfork Academy, it is our calling to offer teens an alternative to the troubled path of substance abuse and co-occurring disorders.

Our residential treatment programs are at the very core of what we do: guiding teen boys in their recovery in a comfortable, safe, and non-judgemental space on a vast Texas ranch. At our residential treatment facilities, our teen boys will benefit from a highly structured residential setting where we will equip them with the life skills and knowledge needed to overcome their challenges.

Boys at our residential treatment center will follow treatment plans crafted specifically for them and their unique needs by mental health professionals. Programs will include detox treatment, comprehensive therapy, and holistic activities led by a diverse team of trained experts who will center Christ in all aspects of recovery.

If your teen is struggling with addiction, then there is a healthier road ahead. At Clearfork Academy, we want to show teens that a life without substances is more than possible and that with time and effort, your teen can enjoy lifelong positive outcomes.

Level of Care Offered at Clearkfork Academy

At Clearfork Academy, we encourage our teens to dedicate themselves to long-term treatment on our scenic Texas ranch campus. We offer several levels of care, including:

Residential Care for Adolescent Males

We offer 13 weeks of therapeutic Christ-centred residential treatment located on our beautiful ranch estate in Fort Worth, TX. Our outdoor adventure program provides a safe and supportive environment to heal from addiction and co-occurring mental health issues.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Our individualized teen treatment provides boys with a flexible schedule that also focuses on Christ-centred guidance and therapy. Whether your teens need treatment to fit around family, academic or extracurricular commitments, we offer both in-person and virtual programming to fit your needs and times.


The first step in the healing process for substance abuse is detox. A medically supervised detox ensures that there is a quick recovery and transition to residential programs so teens can efficiently begin their recovery journey.

What Do We Treat at Our Boys Treatment Program

The habits and behaviors we develop as a teen help set the trajectory for the rest of our lives. By addressing problematic thinking patterns and behaviors early on in life, we can challenge the mind before it becomes fully developed, increasing the chances of lasting sobriety and change.

At Clearfork Academy, we understand the negative consequences that drug abuse can have on someone’s life. Whether these are social, mental, or physical, we are committed to treating all aspects of your teen’s addiction. Often, addiction is accompanied by a mental health disorder, with one stemming from the other.

We understand that to fully heal, both must be accordingly dealt with. Addiction is extremely powerful, and substance abuse treatment requires more than changes in behavior, it requires changes in the heart, mind, and body.

The Adolescent Boys Program Includes:

Our residential treatment center is a community of like-minded people who will eat, learn, exercise, play, pray, and heal together. The goal of our family-style living environment is to encourage our boys to support, encourage and help one another beat their addictions.

Our team of highly trained staff utilizes a range of evidence-based treatments to help teens overcome eating disorders, mental health disorders, and substance use disorders. We like to take an all-encompassing approach to recovery, so we encourage families to join us for therapeutic activities.

All teens who struggle with addiction deserve to heal, as well as their family members affected by it. At Clearfork Academy, that is exactly what we strive to do: provide effective teen treatment for all to create new lasting legacies.

What to Expect at a Boy’s Residential Treatment

Our Clinical Model

The clinical model is shaped by the core values or “behaviors,” as we say.  The foundational principles of narrative therapy, family systems, trauma-focused therapy, logotherapy, leadership, solution-focused therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and play therapy will be utilized in the same systematic format as our girls’ campus but will be tailored to the special needs, wants, and desires of the boy’s heart and mind. 

We Specialize in the Dual Diagnosis Symptoms and Features Associated With Substance Abuse:

  • complex trauma
  • family of origin issues
  • traumatic stress
  • self-harm
  • suicidal ideation
  • attachment
  • disordered eating
  • personality disorders
  • body image
  • entitlement
  • anger
  • sexuality
  • spiritual abuse

We are confident that most of our boys will suffer from two or more of these symptoms. Therefore we combine proven evidence-based therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), cognitive processing therapy (CPT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) combined with recovery principles to address all aspects of optimal healing.

FAQ About Rehab for Teen Boys

Below are some commonly-asked questions about Clearfork Academy and the typical teen experience during treatment. If you don’t see your question below, please click here to see all FAQs or reach out to us directly for more information.

No. Treating teen boys and girls separately ensures that they are given the most effective space and resources to reach the best of their abilities, focus solely on their mental health, and strive.

Boys will be sharing space with one another. Sleeping arrangements may include three in one room, while others will have six. We believe in the power of community, and it is likely that these roommates will become an important part of your teen’s recovery journey.

Evidence has shown that long-term treatment is the most effective for long-term recovery. Our residential program typically lasts for 13 weeks but can be altered if necessary.

View a fully comprehensive list of things your teen is able and not able to bring to their residential treatment program here.

We gladly accept many insurance plans. If you have any queries or questions about payment plans or insurance coverage, contact us today to discuss the options available.

Treatment at our residential treatment center will not affect your teen’s academic performance. All boys will be enrolled in an education system that is individualized to fit their learning needs at our on-site learning center.

Residential treatment centers provide a structured and supportive environment for boys to focus solely on personal development and growth. Living in one of our teen treatment centers for a prolonged period ensures that all energy is put into healing and growing.

Yes. We take an all-encompassing approach to treatment and believe that working with the whole family is an important part of treatment. We utilize the family systems approach and encourage participation in family therapy.

Rehab Treatment Program for Teen Boys at Cle arfork Academy

At Clearfork Academy, our residential treatment center offers a structured and supportive environment to help heal the social, physical, and spiritual bonds of chemical dependency and mental health concerns. We are here every step of the way. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

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