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Family Program Services in Texas

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Why Family Counseling?

Family Counseling recognizes that families are a critical part of the healing process for their teen and strives to equip each family with the tools and strategies to effectively support their loved one’s recovery.

Family counseling sessions typically involve all or most family members and are led by a trained professional. These sessions aim to:

  • Improve communication
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Enhance understanding and empathy among family members 

Counseling sessions are designed to shed light on the dynamics of the family system. They reveal patterns of interaction that may contribute to the problems of the individual in crisis, as illustrated in this brief story:

In the case of Sara’s  family, for instance, her parents found that their initial attempts to help Sara only led to more resistance and rebellion. Through family counseling, they learned to approach her struggles from a place of empathy and understanding, rather than judgment or criticism.

They learned to communicate effectively, expressing their worries and fears without making Sara feel cornered or attacked. This shift in their approach had a transformative effect on Sara’s recovery process, fostering an environment of trust, acceptance, and support.

Benefits of Counseling for Your Family

Learn why your family can benefit like Sara’s did and together with the help of our programs, all run by professionals licensed in family dynamics, relationships, and addiction. 

Each family’s journey is unique. What works for one may not work for another. However, the underlying principles remain the same:

  1. The power of understanding
  2. The strength of unity
  3. The transformative potential of love and support

By attending you can:

  • Improve Communication: Enhance how your family members express feelings and concerns, fostering openness.
  • Strengthen Family Bonds: Build closer relationships within your family, providing a stronger support network.
  • Learn About Addiction and Mental Health: Help your family understand addiction as a disease, reducing stigma.
  • Identify Contributing Family Dynamics: Reveal patterns within your family that may influence addictive behavior.
  • Learn Coping Strategies: Provide healthy ways to cope with stress and emotions, crucial for recovery.
  • Support Recovery and Prevent Relapse: Engage your family in the recovery process of your teen, crucial for long-term recovery.
  • Improve Problem-Solving Skills: Help your family navigate conflicts and challenges more effectively
“This treatment center has been a pleasant one if you can call placing your child in a treatment facility pleasant.  It’s been the best that I could ask for.  The family intensive weekend allowed me to see things in myself as well as in my family members that I might not have otherwise seen. If I could recommend a treatment center it would definitely be this one.”
– Kattie D.
“If you’re at your wits end with your adolescent using drugs, then this may be the place for you! As hard as it is to put your kiddo in a treatment program, this place makes it easier. The intense family therapy is like a breath of fresh air, as long as you’re honest with yourself! Just remember, you didn’t cause this and you can’t fix it! So let these ppl help!”
– Duewhatever68

Family Support Services at Clearfork Academy

Family Support Services at Clearfork Academy acts as an umbrella to deliver a variety of support options for each individual family no matter where you are in your healing journey.  

In response to a growing need, we offer a variety of family counseling programs to meet your family’s requirements. We have something for you whether you are:

  • A member of the community
  • A family with a child currently enrolled in services, or 
  • Part of our program alumni 

Our services include:

  • Support groups
  • Educational information
  • Workshops
  • Intensive family work

Family Workshops for Members of the Texas Community

Family Dynamics Education

Offered to families individually. Self-guided workbook families can work through together to:

  • Improve communication
  • Encourage understanding of one another

Small Group Family Workshop

Conducted over three days by a licensed professional. (Maximum three families)

Includes education and therapeutic family activities. Covers a range of topics including:

  • Addiction and mental health
  • Sustaining connection
  • Managing anxiety about your loved one

Family Workshops for Individual Families 

Individually-focused version of our small group workshop. Up to five family members, and conducted over two days by a licensed professional, this program creates a customized  intensive family processing with the therapist on:

    • Effects addiction and mental health have on your family system
    • Ways we feel disconnected and skills to become reconnected
    • Understanding our anxieties within a family context
    • Tools to improve your communication with one another 

Experience your family’s own transformative healing and growth with us!

The Johnsons were at odds because of Jake’s addiction. Silence and blame filled their home. When they started family counseling, things began to change. They learned to talk openly about the problems and understood Jake’s struggle.

Instead of fighting each other, they started supporting one another. Jake felt less alone, and his family felt empowered to help. Over time, their home turned from a place of conflict into a support hub, showing them how to face recovery together.

Such is the direction our 2-day Exclusive Family Workshop can steer you toward!

Our Individual Family Workshop

Tailored to your family’s needs, this program focuses on:

  • Substance use and mental health education
  • Sustaining connection
  • Family dynamics in addiction and recovery
  • Communication barriers
  • Boundary implementation 
  • Attachment style and it’s like to connection

It includes:

  • Personalized one-on-one sessions with a Licensed Family Marriage Therapist
  • Specialized attention provided for families, up to five family members
  • Focused processing of family issues
  • Individualized scheduling available from 9am to 5pm 
  • Breakfast and lunch

For Families Currently in Programming

Includes the above-mentioned programs as well as: 

Family Therapy With a Licensed Professional 

  • To improve dynamics within your family

Large Group Family Intensive Program 

3-day event with other families currently enrolled in residential treatment. Conducted by our staff of family therapists. Families will engage in experiential activities to improve their dynamics around the following topics:

  • Addiction
  • Mental health
  • Family connections
  • Setting boundaries, parenting styles
  • Improved communication

Parent Support Group 

  • Meets weekly via virtual meeting
  • Learn new tools from counselors and other parents to implement with your child 
  • Hear from experts in the field of addiction and mental health 

Sibling Support Group 

  • Meets every other week via virtual meeting
  • A safe place for your other children to process and understand what is happening in the family
  • Your child can learn new ways to engage in healthy ways with their siblings 

Family Skills Group 

  • Meets every other week via virtual meeting
  • Aligns with Clearfork programing to learn the language and skills with which your child is being equipped 
  • Allows for greater progress though recovery when you both have a common recovery language 

Family Programs Available for Alumni Families

Parent Support Group 

  • Meets weekly via virtual meeting
  • Learn new tools from counselors and other parents to implement with your child 
  • Hear from experts in the field of addiction and mental health 

Alumni Family Workshop

  • A transformative two-day experience! 
  • You and other alumni families can learn more about how to navigate life after treatment with a focus on: 
    -Building and maintaining trust within the family. 
  • Tailored support for your teen’s journey into adulthood. 
  • Invest in your family’s growth!

I’m so happy that I came to the family intensive workshop. I’ve learned a lot and feel better equipped to have my son home again. – RC S.

The staff were friendly and engaging. The 3 day FIP provided an opportunity for fellowship, learning, and new tool development. – George Spencer

I am learning a lot through your excellent program. – Yvonne Hall

Amazing place, amazing staff and amazing atmosphere to be open and honest in a safe place. My son is happy here, no complaints. We can already see so much progress in ourselves and in our son in a pretty short amount of time! Very thankful! – Britany Henrich

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