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Program Philosophy

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Clearfork Academy

After 15 years of research and practice the Clearfork way program philosophy and methodology was developed by our founder Austin Davis LPC-S.

The program was designed with today’s teenager in mind. Each of the modules reflect both a Clearfork core value and a therapeutic modality that has stood the test of time. This concept allows us to connect not only to the Presenting symptoms of mental heath and substance abuse but also to the issues which are deeply rooted in the heart. Rather than taking a broad non directive approach the scope and sequence is designed to build upon each other so that the cascading messages and themes permeate the Heart and mind.

Each week a Clearfork core value will be brought forth in hopes that each teen will adopt the “core behavior” that represents the value. To say something has little to no value in today’s culture, we want to see action! Therefore, honoring god, self, and others becomes supremely valuable having a unified core is essential to recovery and sustainable mental health. We call it a “common – unity.” We teach that sacrifice is about going the extra mile and doing things that are uncomfortable. We know that without transparency we will never get to the core of an issue, so there is a commitment to bringing our true self to every interaction. We are painfully committed to helping create a new legacy for our teens. This requires constant support and guidance from every team member. Excellence can often be over looked but we ask everyone at Clearfork to give their best every single time, without exception. Lastly, we are obsessed with making our life’s full of fun, laughter, and ultimately joy. We know this life is difficult and each step should be taken as lightly as possible.

Each clinical intervention drives toward a moment of change. We utilize narrative therapy to help our teens find the “real” story hidden inside of themselves. We know that the personal narrative isn’t always enough and it needs to be told from a family systems perspective, therefore we want to therapeutically embrace the entire family system. Many times, trauma is the road block to sustainable recovery so we have devoted a non-intrusive approach to these sensitive topics. As we say “we are all survivors of something.” Coming out of treatment our teens will exhibit Leadership skills that will empower them to take charge of their created design. What good are leadership skills without a plan? Aftercare planning starts on day one for our teens and families at Clearfork Academy. Moreover, we have devoted an entire week to getting these plans accurate on all accounts. We know that life and recovery are stressful and require some level of distress tolerance. Our “center” week is designed to build skills to “sit” in moments of stress and not use the poor coping mechanisms which have been naturally used in the past. Lastly, we know teen boys need experiences to make permanent the change happening inside of them.

The practical application of our program can be found in our life skills manual. This compilation of skills has been designed to address the most common mishaps in our daily life. Topics such as communication, anger management, coping skills, time management, conflict resolution, and stress management are the focus. Mastering these skills will take a life time but our life skills curriculum will establish a sustainable foundation.

Of course, no recovery program is complete without the support of others with a common resolution. The Clearfork way utilizes the core tenants Smart Recovery and Alcoholics Anonymous to build awareness to the possibilities in recovery.

It’s our hope that in the 13 weeks of programming we can build rapport, repair the brokenness inside, and create new strategies for wholistic sober living for each teen and his family. Ultimately, we believe a new legacy will begin for each teen that walks onto our campus.

The Summit at Clearfork Academy is a private, long term, clinically oriented school designed to empower teens who struggle with anxiety, depression, ADHD, and substance abuse. It’s our mission to help each young man identify his created design and build skills to advance toward the next stage in life. The Summit program is designed for the teen who needs a long-term solution to complete school and continue learning and building skills for healthy living. Problems like depression, anxiety, compulsive gaming, self-harm, bi-polar, anger management, oppositional defiance, trauma, ADHD, and school problems are descriptors of a Summit student. The average length of stay for a Summit student is 12 months.

Individual Therapy

Our licensed therapists meet individually with our teens to help them understand the underlying causes of their addiction, as well as positive, life-affirming behaviors for lasting change.


Group Therapy

Group therapy provides the opportunity for teens to bond with fellow residents, understand that they are not alone in their addiction recovery journey, and receive support from their peers.


Family Therapy

Support from family is critical for any teen to recover from substance abuse and addiction, and we encourage families to participate in our recovery programs through ongoing visits.

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