Fort Worth Teen Rehab

Fort Worth Teen Rehab

Clearfork Academy is a highly sought-after Fort Worth teen rehab center with high-end amenities, comfortable accommodation, supportive and friendly staff members, and evidence-based treatments and therapies. We are one of the finest Fort Worth teens and adolescent residential treatment centers in the country where patients can continue high school education while undergoing rehab treatment.

What is the difference between teen-centered programs and the average drug rehab?

Teenagers have needs that are entirely different from that of an adult, requiring customized treatments and therapies. They need extra care, love, support, guidance, and direction to attain comprehensive recovery from addiction and maintain sobriety in the long-term.

Average drug rehabs may not satisfy the academic and extracurricular activities and obligations of a teenager. Our addiction treatment for teens includes high-school education, individual, group, family therapies, medical detox, etc. customized to the needs and schedules of adolescents aged 13 and 18. If your teenager is battling with an addiction condition, be sure to look for teen-centered rehab programs to help them garner the best treatment outcome.

How do I choose between residential, intensive outpatient, and academic sober living programs for my son?

The type of treatment that your son may need depends on the severity of his addiction condition, his school/co-curricular commitments, the presence of co-occurring mental health issues, and a variety of other factors. Residential treatment and sober living programs share many similarities, engaging patients in Christ-centered clinical interventions in the long-term. We also have a fully licensed high school where we offer comprehensive education to our recovering addicts along with rehab treatment in a ranch-style environment.

Alternatively, if your son has academic/co-curricular commitments that he cannot forgo, our intensive outpatient or outpatient rehab may be a more viable treatment option. Both these treatment programs require teenagers to attend less than 10 hours of rehab treatment and allow them to stay at home and heal and recover with their family members' love and support. Speaking to one of our addiction specialists may help you decide on the right type of treatment for your teenager.

Will addiction treatment affect my son's education?

We understand how convincing your adolescent boy or girl to take time off from school to attend our Fort worth adolescents rehabilitation program can concern you. We are one of the few Rehab for teens in Fort Worth to offer the best quality high school education along with addiction treatment. 

We have a fully licensed high-school in partnership with the University of Texas Charter School, which helps teenagers attending our long-term treatment programs continue their school during rehab treatment. Our students attain comprehensive recovery from addiction and are academically ready when graduating from our facility for drug and alcohol rehabilitation for teenagers.

Get in touch with one of us at Clearfork Academy to learn more about our admissions process and the insurances that we accept. Call 866-650-5212 today to get started on a highly effective Fort Worth teen rehab program.

Fort Worth Teen Rehab
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Fort Worth Teen Rehab
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