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Parents may desperately want to help teens who are struggling with substance abuse or mental health challenges, but they may be unsure how to do so. An intervention can help move the family closer to an answer. An intervention is a way for the parents and the teen to begin a conversation about mental health and/or addiction.

What Is Teen Intervention?

A teen or child intervention is a structured conversation in which the teen is confronted with evidence of their mental health issue or addiction. Moreover, they are encouraged to accept help in order to overcome it. The people who participate in a teenage crisis intervention may include parents, grandparents, siblings, coaches, peers, and anyone else who has a strong connection with the teen.

For defiant teens, interventions can be an effective way to bring the issue to light and demonstrate how important it is for them to get help. There are several intervention methods, including the Johnson Model, the Power of Encouragement Model, the FLO Model, and the FRAMES Model.

In addition, evidence-based intervention programs for teens can significantly reduce early use of tobacco, alcohol, and illicit drugs. In such programs, teachers, parents, or health care professionals help children and adolescents understand the risks of substance use. Community intervention programs address teen risk and protective factors within a school or community. Furthermore, an intervention can refer to school-based initiatives to detect mental health challenges early on, in order to prevent progression.

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