Alcohol Rehab For Teens Fort Worth

Alcohol Rehab For Teens Fort Worth


Clearfork Academy Alcohol Rehab For Teens

Are you concerned about your teen’s alcohol use? Are you wondering if it’s normal or out of control? as we work with teens who are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction At Clearfork Academy we utilize evidence-based interventions. Our Fort Worth teen alcohol rehab experts educate each teen on life skills such as conflict resolution, anger management, and communication skill. Our extended recovery program that will allow them prevent relapse, and ultimately giving adolescents access to their new legacy.
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Alcohol Rehabilitation for Teens in Fort Worth

Is your teen suffering from alcohol abuse? Do you need to find an alcohol rehabilitation program in Fort Worth that is suited to them and gives them the best chance of recovery? If so, you have come to the right place. 

Here at Clearfork Academy, we provide teen alcohol treatment programs that have an individualized focus to give every teenager that comes through our doors a varied therapy program that produces results. With both residential and outpatient therapy available, you can find what you are looking for when it comes to alcohol rehab in Fort Worth. 

All our therapy is based on a Christian-centered approach. We believe that Jesus gives us the strength to overcome addiction, which is why it forms a core basis for our work. 

Why choose Clearfork Academy for Teen Alcohol Rehab?

Despite the legal drinking age of 21, teenagers often experiment with alcohol. However, if your teen seems to be misusing alcohol, or perhaps you fear they have become addicted to it, we are here to help. Our teen alcohol rehab center in Fort Worth is specifically designed for those aged 13-18. 

We work with the best fully licensed medical, nursing, and therapeutic team to aid your child as they recover. 

Depending on the circumstances, your teen may begin with one of our detox programs. This gets them ready for the alcohol treatment program and gives them the tools and resources they need to beat the bottle. 

Our programs include both individual and group therapy sessions with licensed professionals. 

As a rehab center that focuses on teens, you can be sure that we have thought about all aspects of their care. When your teen joins our residential program, their education is also taken care of. We recognize how important a quality education is, and there are teachers at Clearfork Academy to guide them through their studies. Your child can get back on track and beat their addiction

For those who have academic, extracurricular or family commitments, we can offer our flexible Intensive Outpatient program. It follows all the same principles as our residential program but suits those who cannot stay full-time. 

We also include family therapy sessions as part of our programs. If you want your child to become a productive member of your family once more, then this is a crucial step to recovery. We understand that it may be hard but, it can have a huge impact. 

Find us at Fort Worth, Texas

If you are looking for teen drug treatment or teen alcohol rehabilitation in Texas, get in contact with us at Clearfork Academy today. 

Your child will be based in the beautiful surroundings of Fort Worth on our 80-acre campus; it gives them the chance to let go of their past and get to the root of the problem. By increasing their self-awareness, they learn what causes them to drink and how they can avoid it to make lifelong lessons. 

Get in touch with us today by completing our online form or giving us a call, and we will talk you through the different options. 

Alcohol misuse can be difficult to deal with, but with our professional help, the future is much brighter.
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“Because we loved you so much, we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well.”

1 Thessalonians 2:8

Fort Worth teen drug rehab

Teen Alcohol Effects

  • Alcoholism. People who begin drinking before age 15 are four times more likely to become alcohol-dependent than those who wait until 21.
  • Fatal accidents. Experts blame alcohol for many drownings and traffic deaths involving teens.
    Violence. Underage drinkers are more likely to commit or be victims of violent crime.
  • Sexual activity. Adolescents who use alcohol are more likely to be sexually active at an earlier age and have unprotected sex.
  • Suicide. Teen drinking has been linked with contemplating or committing suicide.
  • School performance. High school students who drink are more likely to drop out of school and disdain good grades.
  • Health damage. Anyone who drinks a lot faces heart and central nervous system damage, cirrhosis and cancer of the liver, stroke, and risk for overdose. Heavy drinking can hamper brain development, memory, and learning ability.

Types of alcohol rehab for teens

Teen drinking trends

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), almost 200,000 teens received treatment for alcohol or other substance abuse issues last year.

Signs for Teen Drinking

  • Sudden change in mood or attitude
  • Smell of alcohol
  • Change in school attendance or performance
  • Loss of interest in school, sports, or other activities
  • Discipline problems
  • Withdrawal from family and friends
  • Lying, stealing, or secretive behavior

Learn more about our Fort Worth teen alcohol rehab programs and how your teen can face recovery.