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What Is Faith-Based Recovery?

If you’re considering getting help for your addiction, the treatment possibilities can be overwhelming. You likely have many uncertainties and questions like, “what type of treatment is best for me?” or “will any of this really work?” After all, no one can truly guarantee that you’ll actually achieve sobriety, right?

That’s a true statement. But what if it were possible to find a place where hope powerfully drowned out your doubts and instilled within you strength and perseverance? In fact, there is such a place, and all you need to find it is a little bit of faith.

“Call on me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you will honor me,” says Psalm 50:15. What greater joy than the assurance of healing? When you choose a faith-based recovery program, you’ll get evidence-driven clinical treatment, similar to that of the typical treatment facility, with the added confidence that comes from belief in a higher power.

Because recovery is more than just kicking a bad habit, the foundation of a faith-based treatment program empowers people in recovery through biblical teachings and philosophy to build a complete, healthy lifestyle. In fact, embracing these Christian values throughout treatment can be a critical element in recovery for many.

Addiction is not simply a physical dependency, it also takes its toll on the mind, body, and spirit. Those who struggle with addiction can be overcome with guilt and shame. But we know that, through Christ, we are forgiven. Once that settles in, it becomes easier to acknowledge those around us who we’ve hurt, and ask forgiveness of them. Similarly, we can extend the same love, grace, and forgiveness to those who may have hurt us, as well.

No doubt, one of the strongest benefits of faith-based recovery is the opportunity to receive an opportunity for a second chance. Throughout the recovery process, the values of Christian living help guide addicts in restructuring their lifestyle and starting fresh.

It’s true, no one can guarantee your complete recovery. But, through a faith-based recovery program, you’ll be on the receiving end of a promise much larger than anyone else can offer.

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