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Having to send a child to a drug rehab treatment facility is perhaps one of the most challenging decisions a parent might have to make. Parenting is difficult in general

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5 Dangers of Vaping

Is vaping dangerous? Should parents encourage their teens to quit vaping during or after recovery? The standard argument against this is that vaping “isn’t as bad” as cigarettes, marijuana, or


6 Dysfunctional Family Roles

Does someone you love have a substance abuse problem? Addiction is a vicious cycle. Unfortunately, when someone struggles with addiction, there is a ripple effect that leaves no one in


4 Ways to Keep Kids Out of Trouble

When you think about summer you might think of the hot summer sun, beaches, the lake, vacation, or snow cones (or ice cream)… mmm. But if you are a parent


Differences Between Adult and Teen Treatment

Although, substance abuse treatment is often regarded as being the same across the board there are several differences. Specifically differences for adults and teens. In the following, we will show

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