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Having to send a child to a drug rehab treatment facility is perhaps one of the most challenging decisions a parent might have to make. Parenting is difficult in general

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Teen therapy in texas

How Long Is IOP? Does It Work?

Curious about IOP duration? Get answers to the most commonly asked questions. Learn about the length of Intensive Outpatient Programs and what to expect

Teens smoking weed out of a bong; in need of treatment for THC dependency.

Understanding THC vs. CBD: A Guide for Concerned Parents

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape of substance use, parents and guardians may find themselves uncertain, trying to understand the intricate world of cannabis products, whose popularity among teenagers has seen

A young female teen vaping while at school.

Physical Signs That Your Teen Is Vaping Too Much

Vaping: Warning Signs, Risks & Support for Teens: Concerned parent? Learn the red flags of teen vaping, its health dangers, and effective strategies to guide your adolescent toward healthier choices.

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