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Our Place

Clearfork Academy’s campus is nestled amongst 80 acres in North Fort Worth which overlooks Eagle Mountain Lake. The property can be seen from several miles away and has views of Eagle Mountain Lake and downtown Fort Worth. Its picturesque landscape rivals any ranch in Texas. Our property consists of three main houses which were all custom built within the last 10 years. Each home is well appointed with every modern convenience that a young man could need.

The “base camp” house is a historic landmark that overlooks Eagle Mountain Lake. Its 100-year-old heritage remains but has been updated to the highest of standards. It is licensed for eight beds and serves as the hub for our nursing staff. These eight beds are licensed for all levels of care, including detox.

The “Ridgeline” house hosts most of our boys on campus and is our primary treatment model. It’s views from the back porch are stunning all year around. Deer, wild turkey, and the occasional Bald eagle are all a part of our family at Clearfork Academy.

The Summit House is roughly 5000 ft.² it is accompanied by a saltwater pool, outdoor fireplace and kitchen. Each room in this house is designed for the growing adolescent in recovery. This house contains a study room, a game room, a commercial kitchen, and ample space to hang out.

Clearfork Academy’s charter school consists of two classrooms and two offices for teachers and boasts state of the art technology for students. Each student has his own personal study space to learn and grow academically.

Our most outstanding structure is a 9000 square-foot building which we call the Legacy Center. The Legacy Center hosts all of our daily activities, our counseling offices, admissions offices, commercial kitchen and café, and our unity room. This building is the backbone of our operations. All of our activities flow through this space. It was specifically designed with our unique treatment model in mind, therefore every inch is utilized daily.

If that’s not enough our exterior spaces are just as thought out. We have a 1/5 mile track that is good for hiking, mountain biking, or therapeutic walks. We have a fitness course that was professionally designed to bring the physical health needs of teenagers to fruition.

One of the greatest assets at Clearfork is our challenge course which consists of seven high ropes elements and five low ropes elements. These elements are utilized to challenge our boys mental, physical, social, and spiritual aptitudes. It is on the ropes course where we are able to capture their fears and apply skills to overcome them. Watching the ropes course in action is one of the most rewarding things as a therapist, leader, and participant.