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Anxiety Attacks

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An anxiety attack is a behavioral manifestation of an anxiety disorder. Teens often have anxiety attacks that are different from panic attacks. Unlike panic attacks, anxiety attacks are reactions to external stressors.

What Is An Anxiety Attack?

Anxiety attacks result when a specific stressor of an anxiety disorder is encountered. Anxiety attacks often begins in the late teens or early adulthood. Moreover, anxiety attack symptoms include feeling fearful or intensely apprehensive. People afflicted with anxiety attacks find it to be a highly unpleasant experience.

A person undergoing an anxiety attack often will experience shortness of breath, a racing heart, and cold sweats. Additionally, dizziness and wooziness are also anxiety attack symptoms. Anxiety attacks tend to be short-lived, passing once the stressor is removed. Furthermore, symptoms tend to be less extreme than the physical symptoms of panic attacks.

More women than men have anxiety disorders. However, not everyone with an anxiety disorder will experience anxiety attacks. Evidence-based approaches to treatment of anxiety attacks include combining psychotherapy with medication support.

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