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Day Schools

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Day schools that are specifically designed as recovery high schools have been gaining in popularity as a continuing care resource since 1987. Specifically, recovery day schools are therapeutic high schools for teenagers in need of a sober environment.

What Are Day Schools?

Day schools, as opposed to boarding schools, are educational institutions where youth are instructed during the day, after which they return to their homes. In the past quarter-century, recovery experts have promoted the establishment of private day schools where teens are supported in maintaining sobriety.

Expanding the definition of day schools, recovery high schools are educational options explicitly designed to address the needs of students in recovery from teen substance use disorder. Furthermore, recovery high schools support students in a sustainable program of recovery while meeting state requirements for earning a diploma. Moreover, these therapeutic schools for teenagers offer a multidimensional environment for physical, emotional, behavioral, and academic development.

Unlike traditional day schools, recovery high schools have expanded staffing needs. Consequently, these therapeutic schools for teenagers often add substance abuse counselors and mental health professionals to the roster. Additionally, recovery high schools tend to provide group counseling for families learning how to provide support for teens in recovery.

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