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Multidimensional Family Therapy

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Multidimensional Family Therapy (MDFT) has been proven to address a range of teen problem behaviors, from mental health challenges to substance use disorders. Therefore, it is an example of an effective family therapy model. Moreover, the success of MDFT is proof that family counseling needs to be an integrative part of a teen’s path to recovery. In addition, MDFT offers an individualized treatment system, rather than a “one size fits all” approach.

What is Multidimensional Family Therapy?

Multidimensional Family Therapy is an evidence-based intervention that integrates family-centered approaches into youth treatment. MDFT blends family counseling and individual therapy with multiple systems-oriented intervention approaches. Furthermore, Multidimensional Family Therapy focuses on key areas of a teen’s life and examines how the entire family is impacted.

The principle treatment objectives of Multidimensional Family Therapy are to eliminate teen delinquency while improving mental health outcomes. Consequently, both school performance and family functioning as a whole tend to improve when the MDFT model is used. By enhancing a teen’s problem-solving and decision-making skills, MDFT promotes adolescent development. Additionally, it helps to resolve chronic problems within a family.

As in other family therapy models, the fundamental objectives of Multidimensional Family Therapy include treatment engagement and completion, improved family functionality, mental health stabilization, and better performance results outside the family. Thus, Multidimensional Family Therapy addresses teens’ diverse and complex issues.

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