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Having to send a child to a drug rehab treatment facility is perhaps one of the most challenging decisions a parent might have to make. Parenting is difficult in general

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Teens who suffer from self-harm often show substance abuse issues as well.
Mental Health

Recognizing Signs: Is Your Teen Struggling with Self-Harm?

Non-Suicidal Self-Injury (NSSI), also known as self-harm, a concerning behavior often found in teenagers, refers to the intentional infliction of injury upon oneself. This alarming act is usually a manifestation of emotional distress and mental health struggles. 

A young male teen connecting from his parent's office to receive treatment.
Mental Health

Healing from Home: Virtual IOP for Teens Unveiled

Virtual Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) transform traditional therapy models for teens, delivering comprehensive mental health care remotely. Adapting to online platforms, these programs offer structured, intensive support, focusing on therapeutic interventions and skill-building activities, while allowing participants to remain in their home environments, ensuring accessibility and continuity in care.

Teens often face mental health challenges but disregard them as 'fake'. A healthy mind is necessary.
Mental Health

How Does Therapy Improve the Mental Health of Teens?

Seventeen-year-old Juan, once a vibrant and active teenager, found himself grappling with a shadow that slowly crept into his life—depression. It began subtly; his laughter grew less frequent, and his

A female teen suffering from anxiety is having a panic attack; she is in need of treatment here at Clearfork Academy.
Mental Health

Anxiety Unmasked: A Teen’s Survival Guide

Anxiety in teenagers is an increasingly prevalent issue, affecting not only teens but their families as well.  This silent epidemic touches many adolescents, significantly impacting their academic performance, social interactions,

Teen online security is crucial to maintaining their mental health.
Mental Health

How Teens Keep Online Activities Hidden from Parents

Uncovering “how teens keep online activities hidden from parents” has become a pressing concern for many guardians in the digital era. To aid in your monitoring efforts, this article explores

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