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How Outpatient Rehab Can Help You Overcome Addiction

Residential drug rehab is a significant source of support and means of overcoming addiction. While residential rehab offers a fantastic opportunity to overcome addiction, often overlooked is the effectiveness of intensive outpatient rehab. In some situations, residential is not ideal, and outpatient is necessary for families who do not have the time and space in their schedules for residential treatment. Outpatient addiction rehab is an excellent resource for just these situations. 

Three Benefits of Outpatient Addiction Treatment

#1. Flexibility

While there are specific hours of treatment for outpatient rehab, there is the possibility of continuing your education and elective opportunities in your community. Outpatient addiction treatment provides resources and support while maintaining your daily life.

#2. Support in Real-Time

In recovery, sometimes, the act of leaving inpatient or residential treatment can lead to relapse. One of the benefits of outpatient rehab treatment as an adjunct to residential or as a treatment on its own allows for support and assistance in real-time as you face the struggles of the natural world while balancing recovery. 

#3. Connection to the Community

Often outpatient treatment also provides alternative resources to help plug you into the community at large and connect with others in a way supportive of your recovery. Whether the connections be through 12-step meetings or group therapy, you will have the option to connect with others who face addiction while maintaining an active role in their lives outside of treatment. 

What to Expect in Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Often used in the beginning stages of addiction, intensive outpatient treatment can provide an effective intervention to assist teens in avoiding more severe consequences from addiction. Intensive outpatient treatment involves therapy multiple times a week, for numerous hours each day, comprising individual, group, and family therapy. Outpatient treatment is just one way of turning your lives around and developing a new legacy for who you want to become. 

Face Stressors In Your Daily Life

Recovery takes hard work, and even in outpatient rehab, the experience can be grueling. Addiction recovery takes time and effort. While the residential experience may seem more intense, outpatient addiction treatment is intense in its own way. Not only are you expected to put forth full effort at every treatment meeting, but you will also face stressors and triggers present in your daily life. 

Facing these stressors and triggers will be difficult, but you have the support of your outpatient treatment team, your family, and your group therapy cohorts to assist you in learning how to cope with these triggers. You will also learn how to balance recovery with your life.

Practice Skills to Avoid Relapse  

Outpatient treatment for addiction to alcohol and other substances or behaviors is effective. While relapse sometimes happens, relapse does not have to happen when you work the program and practice the skills you learn in treatment. Leaning on your Higher Power for help will also assist you in avoiding relapse.

Many people believe the only effective treatment options for addictive behaviors exist within an inpatient or residential setting. However, there are multiple options for treatment. While inpatient detoxification and residential treatment are incredibly effective, so is outpatient therapy. The critical elements to successful treatment and overcoming addiction is a willingness to overcome your addiction and a spirit of perseverance for when recovery becomes difficult. 

Provides Support and Structure

Outpatient treatment provides support and structure while still giving clients the freedom of maintaining their lives in the larger community and at home with their families. You have the comfort of home after treatment and the structure and push of therapy to help you overcome your addiction to alcohol and other substances or behaviors. 

There is hope for a brighter future, a future without addiction. You have to be willing to work hard and focus on what you want. Whether you are in a residential or outpatient treatment setting, the work to overcome addiction is challenging. You will have to learn new skills every day and learn how to avoid people, places, and things that might cause you to relapse. 

Choosing Treatment

Choosing which mode of treatment will work best for your family is an individual process. Consider the obligations you and your teen experience in your community, school, and home. Residential treatment is not for every family, nor is outpatient. Both treatments are effective and provide methods of support. Choosing the right therapy for your teen and family is essential and critical to helping you create a new legacy for your teen’s life. Do not discount the effectiveness of outpatient treatment. Outpatient treatment may be perfect for you and your family. Believe in the possibility of healing and reach out to ask for help today.

More often, outpatient rehab is overlooked as a potential treatment for addiction. However, outpatient rehab is ideal for those in the beginning stages of addiction, needing an effective early intervention, and those who cannot commit to residential treatment due to outside obligations. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction to alcohol or other substances or behaviors, then the time to seek help is today. At Clearfork Academy, we offer residential and outpatient services for teens and their families struggling with the effects of addictive behaviors. Our approach to care works to ensure that your teen is getting the best care in the most comfortable way. Remember, recovery is always possible with help from your Higher Power and professionals. To learn more about our programs and how we can serve you, reach out to us at Clearfork Academy by calling (817) 259-2597. We are here to listen and help. 

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