OCD in Teens
January 3, 2023

OCD in Teens

Obsessive-compulsive disorder, commonly known as OCD, is a frequently misunderstood condition. Often, we hear people stereotyping it as an enthusiasm for cleanliness and order. They may look at somebod...
How Many Teens Abuse Heroin?
December 27, 2022

How Many Teens Abuse Heroin?

The US is seeing increasing numbers of opioid-related overdoses which led to an opioid epidemic being announced in 2017. Drug abuse comes with an increased risk of mental and physical health problems a...
Bulimia Nervosa in Teens
December 20, 2022

Bulimia Nervosa in Teens

Eating disorders typically occur in adolescent males and females, but can also affect adults. All eating disorders are characterized by disturbances in eating behaviors and fears about appearance and b...
Cognitive Distortions for Teens
December 13, 2022

Cognitive Distortions for Teens

Teenagers, like many people, can sometimes be pretty hard on themselves. It is far too easy to get stuck in negative thinking patterns that induce feelings of depression and anxiety. Repeated patterns ...
Sexual Addiction in Teenagers
December 6, 2022

Sexual Addiction in Teenagers

Adolescence is the time when many start dating, exploring their bodies, and experiencing an increased sexual desire. This is a normal part of growing up, however, at what point does this turn into a se...

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