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We believe in the potential of teenagers and the power of Christ to change the trajectory of their lives. Teen drug rehab is more than a job to us; it’s a calling. These factors are what make Clearfork Academy distinct from other addiction recovery facilities.


Austin Davis

Founder and CEO

Originally from the Saginaw, Eagle Mountain area Austin Davis earned a Bachelor of Science in Pastoral Ministry from Lee University in Cleveland, TN and a Master of Arts in Counseling from The Church of God Theological Seminary then went on to become a Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor in the State of Texas.

Austin’s professional history includes both local church ministry and clinical counseling. At a young age He began serving youth at the local church in various capacities which led to clinical training and education. Austin gained a vast knowledge of mental health disorders while working in state and public mental health hospitals. This is where he was exposed to almost every type of diagnosis and carries this experience into the daily treatment.

Austin’s longtime passion is Clearfork Academy, a Christ-Centered 24 bed residential adolescent facility nestled by Fort Worth’s Eagle Mountain Lake. He finds joy and fulfillment working with “difficult” clients that challenge his heart and clinical skill set. It is my hope and desire that each resident that passes through Clearfork Academy will be one step closer to their created design.

Austin’s greatest pleasures in life are being a husband to his wife, Caroline, and a father to his growing children, Tyler, Micah, and Emma. He serves at his local church by playing guitar, speaking, and help with tech arts. Austin also enjoys being physically active, reading, woodworking, and music.


  • Baqi Martin

    Director of Clinical Services
  • Brandee Jones

    Recovery Coach Supervisor
  • Andre Bennett

    Director of Business Development
  • Erin Martin

    Director of Admissions
  • Claire McMillan

    Human Resources and Billing Manager

Baqi MartinBaqi Martin, LCSW

Director of Clinical Services

Baqi Martin, LCSW is the Director of Clinical Services at Clearfork Academy LLC, a male only Faith centered residential treatment center for adolescent located in of Fort Worth, Texas. He has devoted his career to serving and working with children, youth and families. Through his years of specilized experiences it has equiped him with a wealth of knowledge precise & unique to skills effective for working with children and adolescent. He has spent countless years developing clinical programming, drafting curriculums, beneficial to working with this population which he is passionate about. His continued education and training has developed a passion for serving at risk youth and their families. These passions brought him to a place of enjoyment in sharing these skills and strategies with others in the field.

Brandee Jones

Recovery Coach (Supervisor)

Brandee was born in Compton, CA and attended high school at Long Beach Poly. He then went to a bible college at The Masters University. Brandee received a basketball scholarship to Southwestern Oklahoma State. After college, he began working for the school district and that is where he found his passion for helping at-risk youth. He has over 10 years of experience working with some of the worlds most troubled kids and he believes everyone can be changed with love and attention. Brandee has had tremendous accomplishments in his lifetime but he is most proud of his family.

Andre Bennett

Director of Business Development

Andre has over 15 years of extensive experience in Business Development and Marketing with mental health and substance abuse programs; specifically, start-up and new facility acquisition and growth projects. His career path began with Charter Behavioral Healthcare Systems and includes Psychiatric Solutions (PSI), Ascend Healthcare, Universal Healthcare (UHS, and Summit BHC. Andre attended Dallas Baptist University and his passion and calling are to be a bridge-builder in the area of Mental Health and Substance Abuse care and treatment.

Erin Martin

Director of Admissions

Erin moved to North Texas from Taos, New Mexico 6 years ago to begin her new journey helping others find hope in the storm. Erin graduated from Capella University with a Master's in Clinical Psychology and a specialization in Clinical Counseling. She has many years of experience conducting assessments and treatment services for children and their families. She proves her competency in service by showing pride and joy for the calling that has been placed on her life. Erin provides empathetic compassion for the clients and families that she serves at Clearfork Academy and she finds great joy in helping these families in a time of desperate need. Her warm and kind nature allows her to develop deep meaningful connections with the clients and their families.

Claire McMillan

Office Manager

Claire graduated from Texas A&M University in 2013 with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. After studying Biblical Counseling for a year at Dallas Theological Seminary, the Lord called her out of the academic realm and into the world of substance abuse treatment. Her background working with adult men affected by addiction has prepared her for her new role working with adolescent boys entrapped in the mental, physical, and spiritual bonds of addiction.

Claire is married to a tall, handsome, wonderful man who works full time as the High School Ministry Pastor at Christ Chapel Bible Church and it is their newest joy to be parents to their new baby boy born in September of 2018. Together, she and her husband have built a life that is filled with lots of laughter, friendships, good food, and adventure.


  • Alina Cole

    Administrative Assistant

Alina Cole

Administrative Assistant

Alina is from Euless, Texas but currently resides in Springtown, Texas and she has 4 kids ages 17, 16, 8, and 3. She clinches close to the power of God to change the lives of people and this was demonstrated to her in her own life through restoration and recovery. She is optimistic and outgoing with a bubbly spirit that spreads the joy of God every chance she gets. Alina is not only the Administrative Assistant, but she has completely embraced her newest title, The Director of Fun. She knows that recovery and sobriety are hard, and they can be very emotionally heavy, so she does her best to lighten the mood for our clients and staff by coming up with fun and engaging things to do in order to help us maintain one of our core values, Fun. Alina loves what she does, and it shows by the smile and enthusiasm she brings into Clearfork Academy each day.

Business Development

  • Eddie Fischer

    Business Development Representative
  • Jaymes Murphy

    Business Development Assistant and Social Media Management

Eddie Fischer

Business Development Representative

Eddie was raised in Sayreville, New Jersey and moved to Scottsdale, Arizona to get away from a growing drug and alcohol addiction. Eddie took his last drink and drug on April 13th, 2006. Combining his new-found sobriety with God, community, and fellowship, Eddie built a strong foundation of recovery. After experiencing this life-changing event and helping perform a spiritual intervention Eddie found himself passionate about serving others and helping them get out of the addiction cycle. Eddie has also served as a Neighborhood Group Leader for his church in Arizona, a Regional Alumni Volunteer for The Betty Ford Center and supported his dear friend Randy Boyd in a bicycle adventure called Ride Across America in 2017.

Jaymes Murphy

Business Development Assistant and Social Media Management

Murph started his journey with Clearfork as a Recovery Coach while going to school full time in pursuit of a Bachelor of Arts in Communications with a Concentration in New Media and a Minor in Social Media Marketing at Southern New Hampshire University. After completing his degree program he took on the role of Business Development Assistant and Social Media Manager with the team. He ensures that Clearfork's resources, social media, blog, newsletters, and retail offerings all engage, equip and expand the mission and core values of Clearfork Academy. Murph is in recovery and loves to share his journey with the clients. He is a Marine Corps Combat Veteran, husband to his beautiful bride Jenny, and a loving father to their two wonderful children, Avery (daughter, 4) and Connor (son, due June 12th.)


  • Ben Johnson

    Primary Counselor, LPC-Intern Under the Supervision of Austin Davis, LPC-S
  • Jeff King

    Primary Counselor, QCC Under the Supervision of Austin Davis, LPC-S
  • Mike McGee

    Primary Counselor, LPC-Intern Under the Supervision of Austin Davis, LPC-S

Ben Johnson

Primary Counselor, LPC-Intern

Under the Supervision of Austin Davis, LPC-S

Ben was taught from a young age that finding purpose and meaning in life comes from having a close relationship with Jesus Christ and sharing love, understanding, and compassion with the people around him. In his early adulthood, he attempted to fulfill this quest by becoming a licensed Fire Fighter/EMT. His heart was led to pursue higher education, and he was drawn into the field of psychology and counseling. This pursuit has manifested in opportunities to serve in local mental health authorities as a Case Manager to positions of Administration and Management. This is a position that provides me with the opportunity to share acceptance, patience, kindness, empathy and unconditional positive regard to each person that I am privileged to work with.

Jeff King

Primary Counselor, QCC

Under the Supervision of Austin Davis, LPC-S

Jeff is from Fort Worth Texas. He is married with 2 little boys who surprise him every day. He received his Masters in Biblical Counseling from Dallas Theological Seminary, and he is always looking to further his education through experience, continuing education, and possibly attaining his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. The mission of Clearfork is something that is of personal significance to him as he celebrates 15 years sober in March of this year. He believes that a solid therapeutic approach, upheld and founded in Biblical truth, is the only way to make lasting change and truly lead young men to a new legacy. “An interesting fact about me is that I love working with my hands. That includes making hunting and camping knives, building houses for the poor in Mexico with my church, and creating rustic art."

Mike McGee

Primary Counselor, LPC-Intern

Under the Supervision of Austin Davis, LPC-S

Mike was born and raised in Fort Worth. He attended Texas Wesleyan University and received an undergraduate degree in Information Technology. Mike committed himself to a Christ-centered residential treatment facility at age 28. It was there that he had an encounter with God that changed the trajectory of his life. It was also there that Mike met Austin Davis, one of the LPC’s on staff. Two years after treatment, Mike got the opportunity to go back to work for the treatment center that he attended, under Austin’s leadership. It was during his employment there that Mike felt God calling him to equip himself to help others and Mike began pursuing a Masters in Counseling from B.H. Carroll Theological Institute. After finishing grad school, Mike pursued an opportunity to work with Austin again at Clearfork Academy. It is Mike’s belief that finding one’s identity is central to recovery from substance use and he finds that identity in Jesus Christ. Mike’s faith has been the cornerstone of his recovery and he is excited to be able to share this faith with others who are struggling. Mike is married to his wife Jessica and they have one son, Raylan.


  • Jenee Brewer


Jenee Brewer


Jenee grew up in Eagan, MN, just outside Minneapolis/St Paul. She has 5 daughters, one granddaughter, and one grandson. She completed her Associates of Applied Science Degree in Nursing at Parkland College in Champaign, IL. Presently, she is in her last semester at University of Texas at Arlington to complete her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She does what she does because she believes no adolescent should have to go through what she went through. For those that are heading toward it, or going through it, Jenee says, “I don’t want them to just hear me say ‘been there, done that.’ Words mean nothing without action. Therefore, to truly help an adolescent one must be willing to walk through all the muck and gunk with them. I did not have those people in my life till I was out of my adolescent years.” She enjoys restoring furniture, painting, and photography. She feels most at peace and relaxed in nature.


  • Sherrod Ellis

    Family Coordinator
  • Mike Carter

    LCDC, Case Manager

Sherrod Ellis

Family Coordinator

Sherrod is a Master Level Educator/Advocate/Mentor and is hailed for consistently demonstrating a genuine passion as he works with clients who experience and struggle with emotional setbacks, which promotes the use of alternative methods to cope with life stressors. He uses proven methods with a creative approach to help clients resolve emotional issues, confront their irrational attitudes/behaviors and promote the power in self/social-Knowledge. His 15 years of experience spans from being a Mental Health Tech, Patient Advocate, In-School Behavior Specialist, and a Sober Living Counselor.

Mike Carter

LCDC, Case Manager

Mike grew up on a dairy farm in Parker County, Texas. At the age of 59, he went back to college and graduated 41 years after his first graduation from Weatherford College. God placed on his heart at that time the passion to begin to help others as they walked from addictions, alcoholism, and abuse of substances. He is a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor and in the past few years he has worn many hats, from intake and assessment, group counseling, individual and family counseling, intensive outpatient and now he is working with clients, therapist, and families on discharge planning and aftercare. He also coordinates our Alumni Outreach Program.


  • James Smith

    Facilities Manager

James Smith

Facilities Manager

James was born, breed, and currently lives in Mansfield, Texas and has 3 children, 2 girls and one boy. He is married to his beautiful wife, Rachel. After facing his own demons James felt the Lord calling him to use his past for a purpose. He felt compelled to join Clearfork Academy and aside from being the Facilities Manager he is also the Safety Coordinator and is able to spend time showing the clients various hands-on crafts that they can do throughout the facility. James has a goal for the future to eventually go back to school in pursuit of becoming an LCDC.

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